MugJam Premium Review

MugJam Premium Review MugJam Premium Review -- 3-D Models

Name: MugJam Premium



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Price: $47 One Time Investment

Owners: Rohit Shah and Todd Gross

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Product Overview

MugJam is an application that allows you to create a 3D talking model or avatar from any photo. This interesting product was launched in November 2019 by Todd Gross and Rohit Shah.

You can use this to add yourself to your videos without having to be on camera. It is a video creator that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create very realistic 3D models that look exactly like the photo. The AI learns the facial geometry and is then able to create realistic speaking 3D models of the person in the photograph.

You get several hundred online templates for various niches. You select a template model and then put in your own unique content and edit it to your specific needs. You can also upload an existing video and then add an avatar on top of it. You can edit the size and position of the model.

You can cast yourselves as the central character in these animations with a template, or you can use a green screen instead of with your talking model and import it into Camtasia or any other third-party video editing software. Or as I mentioned you can put your avatar on top of your existing videos. You can then export in 1080 pixels.

With this software you can use your own voice or AI-generated, have multiples languages, use a clothes cloner, natural head-turning motions, enhanced text-to-speech, life-like facial images, and auto-lip sync.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Cloud-based application
  2. Thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Easy to use
  4. Good customer support
  5. Realistic images


The Not So Good:

  1. There is a learning curve
  2. Need high internet connection speed
  3. There are upgrades
  4. It is still animation and not your actual presence in the video

Who is MugJam For?

This product can be effectively used by internet marketers, product creators, affiliate marketers, bloggers, social media managers, and small local business owners.

Tools & Training

3D MugJam Creator: it creates a real talking model of any person you desire to have in the video. Each created avatar has unique facial geometry

Template-Based Video Creator: Custom templates so that you can create videos using Your MugJam models

Use Your Own Videos: Add Your MugJams right on top of current existing videos. The models will automatically lip-sync to the video’s audio.

10+ Predefined MugJams: Professional models were used to create high-quality MugJam avatars. You get unlimited use license of these MugJams.

8 Template Categories: Categories range from local business, ads, quotes and a variety of others

50+ Predefined Templates: These templates are custom-made by a group of animation experts

Auto Lip-Sync: All models lip-sync with any audio. Mouth movements are designed to be realistic

Natural Eye + Teeth: Eyes and Teeth for each model are realistic as the models even look around on a random basis.

Natural Head Turns: The MugJam models look and turn around randomly so that they imitate the natural speaking movements of a professional spokesperson

Green Screen Videos: You can export your talking MugJams with the green screen background. This allows you to use them within any other application.

Use Your Own Voice: You are able to either record your own voice within the app or upload a ready-made voice over to the app and the MugJams will automatically lip-sync to it

Enhanced Text-To-Speech: It is high quality and has a natural sound for Text To Speech. You are also able to control the voice pitch and speed as well.

HD Output: Every video created using this software is exported in 1080 pixels

Realistic Clothes Cloner: The software is able to create similar clothes for your MugJam model that was worn in the photo

Multiple Languages: The templates, as well as Text to Speech, support a wide variety of languages


1) Live Training Call — learn to leverage this technology based on the successes of other current users and learn the future plans for this product

2) Business Finder App — locates businesses with email, phone number, and website address in any niche or country

3) SEO Tools — several SEO tools are included to help you optimize your website and promotional efforts

4) Agency Website — this site is designed to create leads, conversions, and sales for your videos


Email Support


$47 One Time Investment — upload videos with max length of two (2) minutes. Need to upgrade to Pro Version to remove this limit. Create up to five (5) avatars at a time. Upgrade gives you unlimited avatars.



1) Pro Version — $37

  • Green Screen Video
  • Up to 5 Minutes Video Upload
  • Additional 50+ Voice Models (Amazon Polly Integration)
  • Download Never Expires
  • Create Unlimited Avatars
  • Upload Video To Multiple Networks At Once (Upload to YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter)
  • VIP Support

2) MugJam Assets Club — $67 for six (6) months or $97 yearly

  • 20 Additional Templates
  • Training To Create Professional Grade Fake Human Photos To Help Users Create Unlimited Avatars
  • Access to millions of Stock Image (In-Built Stock Photos)
  • Higher Priority For MugJam Template Requests
    • One Additional Template Each Month
    • Three Extra Background Music Each Month

3) Agency Rights — $97

  • Ability To Create High Converting & Eye Catching Landing Pages for Each Project
  • Landing Page Hosting
  • No MugJam Branding Visible on The Landing Page
  • Ability To Create MugJam Sub-Accounts
  • Assign Projects To Your Sub-Accounts
  • Ability To Assign Your Own Domain To Landing Pages
  • Each Landing Page has Comments That Clients Can Read and Reply Too
  • Ability to delete a comment for an agency owner
  • Video Hosting by MugJam
  • Ability to Collect Leads For Your Video Service On Your Client Review Landing Page (MugJam emails the lead to you as soon as someone opts-in)



At times some of these upgrades are used as bonuses on the initial offer.


Final Thoughts

This product can be used to increase brand recognition that can lead to greater conversions and sales. You can include yourself in a promotional video as a professional spokesperson without being on camera. This is a way to show up in your videos if you are a bit camera shy.

Also, the software supports over one hundred (100+) languages. The front-end offer (Premium Version) comes with a commercial license so you can sell the videos you create.

You can create template-based videos as well as adding an avatar to an existing video which gives you quite a bit of flexibility. If you use video on your websites in your promotional work this software creates 3D spokesperson videos from a photo that are very realistic based on facial geometry technology producing natural facial features.

The base product is a one-time fee and it comes with a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee. If video is your thing it may be worth checking out.

All the Best,


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Final Conclusion MugJam Premium Review -- Good

MugJam Premium Review -- Online Marketing

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  1. Although the platform seems to be legit, it is pricy for me as compared to other platforms with so many features. Also, one can use Fiverr for the same services for quite a reduced appeasing price. Do you think MugJam will be o the market for much longer considering the level of the competitive platform with the same features? I have never used the platform and it’s my first time hearing about it.

    • They have their customer base who are happy with them but I am not sure it will take off to any significant degree. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Hi,

    From my online research about the topic mugjam premium is a new revolutionary technology that lets you cast yourself as a professional spokesperson without neing on camera, it introduces compelling features to give users an edge over others. It provides professional and custom done for you templates that tet you create videos using your mugjams instantly.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow this is pretty amazing and I am thinking od giving this program a try Gods willing. This is great for persons who are camera shy and the price is affortable. MugJam seems to be a good investment.


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