MobiFirst Commercial Review

MobiFirst Commercial Review Mobile Optimized

Name: MobiFirst Commercial


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Price: $49.95 for Commercial Use; $39.95 for Personal Use — One time investment

Owners: Scotty Carter, Silvio Porcellana, Todd Gross


Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This product launched on 6/10/19. It is a mobilie-friendly website builder designed to increase the effectiveness of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It was created by the team of Scotty Carter, Silvio Porcellana, and Todd Gross. They have created several successful online marketing products such as Animation Studio, Video Robot, and Automation Bundle just to name a few.

With this product you can easily create websites that are both user-friendly and professional looking with high load speeds. They look good on both desktop and mobile devices, and are designed to get indexed by Google quickly. They call this Mobile-First Indexing.

No programming skills are needed as this software is primarily point and click. You can also easily customize templates as well by just dragging elements around.

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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1. User friendly

2. No technical skills needed

3. Point and Click feature

4. Save money from not having to hire someone to do SEO

5. Save time from doing SEO on your own

6. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee

7. Built-in autoresponder

8. Secure and DDOS protection

9. Closed source cloud-based builder

The Not So Good:

1. There are upgrades

Who is MobiFirst Commercial For?

It is designed for any internet marketer who is looking to increase their organic traffic by optimizing their websites for mobile as well as desktop devices.

Tools & Training

Here’s a short video which outlines the features and benefits of this product very well.

Training Videos are provided.

* Word Press Style Templates — Template are provided for most any niche which are professional looking for your website (s). These templates can be customized to the exact level of your specific needs.

* Selective Viewership — this allows you to decide what is viewed on each device. The software automatically detects what type of device is being used, and then displays the type of content which you desire to be shown on it whether it is a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

* Integrates E-commerce Capabilities — the software integrates payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe for direct payments. You can also add additional features such as sending invoices, recording sales, and getting email notifications. There are no limits on bandwidth or product limits. It is easy to sell products by installing an E-commerce widget.

* Style Selection — you can customize the style of footers, headers, backgrounds, CSS, fonts etc. When you want to change the look of your website you can select a different theme.

* Theme Selection — you have a selection of over seventy (70) themes for various niches. Each theme can be customized to your desired look.

* Widget Selection — you have access to over twenty (20) widget designs which also can be customized.

* Clone Widgets — for sections of your website which you desire to use on other of your sites, you can save and clone a widget which duplicates your designs and content.

* Clone Sites — when you are getting good results from a website and want to create a similar one you can use this product to clone your site and then install a new theme.

* Free Updates — you have access to regular updates which are provided to improve the software so it is more effective in building and designing your sites. The MiFirst team is also open to any suggestions you may have to improve their software.

* Multiple Languages — you can build websites in different languages so that you can target a variety of audiences around the world. They will be adding more, but at the present time German, Italian, French, and English are available.

* SEO Optimized Pages — this software is specifically designed to create SEO-optimized pages that get indexed quickly and are more likely to rank well. You can add social media buttons, titles and descriptions as well.

* Blog — you can add a blog to any of the web pages with just one (1) click.

The following additional features are included in the Commercial Version:

* Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) — keep track of your leads and prospects and monitor them through the sales process. Keeps you organized and helps with conversions.

* Proposals — you can send proposals direct to the phone of your prospects and this function is directly integrated with the CRM.

* Invoices — once your prospect becomes a client/customer you can send an invoice for payment. This is also integrated with the CRM.

* Agency Website Template — you can promote and sell MobiFirst services with this multi-page website template.


Email support is provided. The Zendesk help center support button on their website is no longer valid as they do not use Zendesk any longer, and have not updated their info on their site.


$39.95 for Personal Use

$49.95 for Commercial Use


1) Template Club — you get an additional one hundred and twenty (120) templates throughout the year.

2) Local Lead Pack — offer services to niche businesses.

3) MobiFirst University — six (6) hours of training from Silvio Porcellana.

4) SSL Certificate Service

Final Thoughts

The MobiFirst website builder competes well with other products on the market such as Weebly, Go Daddy, Duda, Wix, and Squares Space. It has several features which the others don’t have.

Website speed and mobile performance are two (2) critical components in ranking higher by satisfying the requirements within the Google algorithm. Mobile responsive websites tend to rank higher. Traffic from smartphones and tablets is increasing each year. More and more customers are using their mobile devices to search for new products and brands.

This is why it is important to have high load speed websites which are optimized for all devices. Being mobile responsive is now a necessity. This product will help in building websites with high performance on every device. Google considers optimal website loading speed to be three (3) seconds or less on mobile.

These websites have unlimited hosting.  They also have very high security so that they will be hard to hack. Dependent on your specific circunstances this can be a very useful tool.

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Final Conclusion Website Builder

All the Best, Joseph

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8 thoughts on “MobiFirst Commercial Review”

  1. This is such an interesting product that you are reviewing in this post.  I really liked that this Mobifirst offers built in autoresponder.  I know that for your website, that cost can get a bit pricey.  It is great that they include it in their fees.

    Everyone that has a website is looking for something to help boost traffic. This platform seems to offer some really great options and I think this will really help a lot of people.  Thank you for the great review and best of luck to you.

  2. All I know is that I build the website in my computer.  BUT can affiliate marketer or blogger can do on the phone?  I’m surprised that when they build the website on phone and it can indexed by Google.   Someday, I will try and see if it’s  working as if there is training video offers.  Thanks for letting me know.

    • Thanks for your comments Caroline.  The advantage of this product is that it optimizes your site for mobile users.  It can be used on all devices.  All the Best.

  3. Driving traffic is the lifeline of and online business and without traffic, there is no business the pros are great and I believe once this program delivers on its promise despite the upsell it is worth the investment.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for this article. I am a blogger and this product really pique my interest.

    I am still confused though, sorry.

    Is this an alternative to WordPress or it works with WordPress?

    Basically, this is for bloggers who are focusing on optimizing their website for mobile use. Or can you also use this to build your site for desktop use?

    Do you know if they have plug-ins as well?

    John Greg

    • Thanks for your comment John. This is a website builder for all devices which ensures that your pages are optimized for mobile. It is similar to other website builders out there just with a couple of more features. Click the link in my article which brings you to their sales page for more info. All the Best to You.


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