Meetvio All-In-One Review

Meetvio All-In-One Review Meetvio All-in-One Review -- webinars


Name:Meetvio All-in-One


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Price: $97 One Time Investment

Owners: Neil Napier

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This is an all-in-one webinar hosting platform. It is designed to be user-friendly so that someone without much technical knowledge can easily use it. With this platform, you can conduct live webinars, live meetings, auto webinars, evergreen webinars, and hybrid webinars. Technical skills are not needed to pull this off.

Webinars are currently very popular as a means of generating interest in one’s services and/or products, create one’s brand, increase authority, generate leads, and scale one’s business. With this platform you have ultra-low latency for audio and video (-1); in other words, it comes real close to real-time streaming (about a one-second lag).

A webinar is similar to a conference, seminar, course, or anything on the web that has videos uploaded whether recorded or live. They have become an integral part of an online marketer’s digital content marketing strategy.

The author of this software platform is Neil Napier. He has a track record of previous software products that include Content Gorilla, Mailvio, Curation Lab, and MailEngageX. He is also a top affiliate with Warrior Pus and JVZoo.

The Meetvio platform has a tremendous amount of features that exceed what EasyWebinar, Zoom, and GoToWebinar have to offer.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. User friendly
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Supports mobile chat
  4. Good customer support provided
  5. Can embed videos
  6. Seamless integration
  7. Fourteen (14) day money-back guarantee

The Not So Good:

  1. Requires high-speed internet access that is consistently stable
  2. Upgrades


Who is Meetvio All-In-One For?

This is ideal for website owners, local businesses, freelancers, affiliate marketers, social media marketers, email marketers, or any online marketer interested in conducting webinars.

Tools & Training

Video tutorials provided


  • Broadcast to Facebook Live
  • Send SMS reminders to people who register
  • You can schedule any prerecorded webinar to play automatically at specific times during the day
  • You can run a complete pre-webinar check
  • A “start now” option can be included to increase sales and engagement
  • You are able to process voice to text for searchable webinars
  • Send pre and post email reminder templates
  • Seamless integration with all major autoresponders (Active Campaign, Aweber, Mailchimp, Drip, Sandlane, Mailvio, Get Response)
  • Extended chat support
  • It is integrated with Google Calendar/Outlook/iCalendar and Zapier and other apps and software
  • Ready to go registration and landing pages (pages are split-tested to increase results). You can edit and customize these pages with colors, fields, buttons, and text.
  • You can embed videos to registration and landing pages (the platform support YouTube, Vimeo, and its own recordings)
  • You are provided downloadable post-event chat transcripts
  • Email support provided for long-term communication
  • Full API available
  • The dashboard has a unique calendar view that allows a full view of your planned events and the ability to add additional events. You also have the option of clicking back to the conventional view.
  • Chat assistant support (you can arrange for others to assist with managing webinar)
  • Has privacy settings for a public or private chat with the ability to remove the chat function if you so desire
  • Full camera support (also external camera)
  • Supports up to five (5) simultaneous presenters and five hundred (500) participants
  • Run thirty (30) active campaigns per month
  • Browser-based (nothing to install or download)
  • Share full screen or a specific tab
  • Event statistics provided including who dropped out and when

Six (6) Step Process to Launch Webinar

  1. Click on Orange Button above the calendar that indicates “New Webinar” and then select “Live Webinar”
  2. Complete form with requested details including being able to click the box to record the event
  3. With “Page Details” you can customize and edit landing pages including uploading your own videos
  4. Have the option to add a person to assist you with the webinar if desired by inputting their email under “Add Assistants” heading and then click on the “Send Invite” button
  5. Use the “Reminder Emails” heading to send reminder emails to registrants
  6. Then click “Create Event” and it is added to your calendar where you have access to a shareable link to invite others

Launch and Manage Live Webinar

  1. Access the webinar event in the calendar and click the green “More” button and access the shareable link and click it to launch into “Presenter’s View”
  2. Then select either “Camera” so that you can be viewed or “Share My Screen” (install Chrome browser extension)
  3. To answer questions during the webinar click on the green “Chat Room” button (top left corner under the logo)

Launch Auto Webinar

  1. On the calendar homepage click the yellow “New Webinar” button and select “Auto Webinar”
  2. Fill out the form and choose one (1) of two (2) options to access source video where you can provide a video URL or choose a previously recorded webinar. The audience can watch now or you can send email notifications about the auto webinar. You can also customize your launch page by accessing “Page Details”.
  3. Click the green “Click Event” button on the bottom of page



Email support — submit a support ticket


Basic Plan: $77 One-Time Investment (can conduct webinars)

Premium Plan: $97 One-Time Investment (can conduct webinars, meetings, and auto webinars)


Unlimited Version$197 and then $97 per year (Unlimited campaigns, attendees, and bandwidth); $67 (unlimited attendees only)

Studio$47 — Built-in video editor

DFY Webinars$17 per month or $97 per year — two (2) DFY webinars each month plus pre-designed and filled in a template to use and edit

Reseller$197 or $49 per month fifty (50) seats; $297 or $49 per month for unlimited seats


Final Thoughts

With so many features and options available through this webinar hosting platform, it can be a useful tool to help marketers and business owners with lead generation and increasing brand awareness. The fourteen (14) day money-back guarantee should give you enough time to check it out and determine if it performs well. If you use webinars as part of your promotional campaigns this can be time well spent.

One feature I like about this platform is the ultra-low latency factor which is (-1) for real-time streaming. When webinar platforms have problems with their audio and video output (audio latency where audio delayed by 6 or 7 seconds), it reduces user experience, and people drop off the webinar and potential sales are lost. The same can happen with the video and screen-sharing.

The platform also supports synchronous and asynchronous chats, and they have a SLACK like chat feature that increases engagement even in webinars that are extremely busy. They have a number of new features that are in the works and will be released soon.

They also have some bonuses that they change up from time to time. that may eliminate the need to upgrade for some of the additional features. Now you can get the main platform for a one-time payment, but they indicate they will be going to a monthly charge of $97 per month at some point. Again if webinars are an integral part of your marketing strategy, it may be worth your time to compare this platform against the others.

To your success,


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Final Conclusion Meetvio All-in-One Review -- Good

Meetvio All-in-One Review -- Online Marketing

12 thoughts on “Meetvio All-In-One Review”

  1. This has so much prospects already and the fact that it gives so much more in value makes it worthy to me. I personally like the idea of conducting webinars here ad how fast they offer their plans and all. This is great to see. Though this is the first time I am coming across this meetvio. However, it can really be worthwhile in the longvrun. Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity to know about Meetvio, many times it gets really hard to get along with people on a platform for meetings or conference, class and so on, having this webinar platform is going to make it easy for people to do that. I like it because it is not too pricey and it is very accessible to everyone.

    • Thanks Bruce for your thoughts. It is fairly priced and you have fourteen days to try it out to see if it works well for your specific needs. All the Best.

  3. Hello Joseph, it’s really a food time to see this article as I have always been looking for a good size hosting platform and Meetvio has been a really great idea indeed. I have to say I’m glad that they just have a one time payments and giving a user-friendly platform with video assistance is very good. Cheers

    • Thanks Justin. You also get the guarantee to try it out to determine if it fits your needs and you’re happy with it. Appreciate your comments and all the best.

  4. Meetvio has some great features that clearly sets it apart from the free options available.

    I like that you get a 14 day money back guarantee, this makes it a no brainer really. During this period you are going to get a good idea as to whether it is going to benefit your business. The possible monthly fee that may be introduced seems a bit steep, but if you are getting great benefit from it then it will be worth every cent.

    • I agree Ray. The guarantee lets you try it out, and you can get the software without upgrades for one single fee. now. All the Best and thanks for your thoughts on this.

  5. Hi Joseph
    This looks like a great platform! I am based in South Africa and our internet connect can be unstable at times, do you have any idea of how successful this has been in third world countries?
    Another question I have is around the pricing. In South African Rand that is quite a big outlay of money, do you know if there are any free trial periods available for this Meetvio product?
    Blessings always

    • Not sure about how it performs in third world countries but it is important to have a stable high-speed network to conduct the webinars without interruption. 14 day guarantee but no free trials. Thanks for your comments Louise. All the Best.

  6. This looks like a very good product/service for anyone wanting to scale up their business. Webinars are a huge way of doing that. The fees aren’t that bad since they are a one time investment and not a monthly fee. I will have to check in to this.

    Thank you!


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