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MailZingo Pro Plan Review MailZingo Pro Plan Review - email marketing

Name: MailZingo Pro Pan

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Price: $69 which is a One Time Investment
Owner: Dr. Amit Pareek
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Product Overview

This is an email marketing automation piece of software that is web-based and self-hosted. It is designed to improve email delivery, as well as increase opt-in and open rates while reducing bounce rates. It is promoted as an All-in-One self-hosted web-based email marketing software.

It is basically a promotional tool to enhance your email marketing efforts. Set up as an All-in-One platform, it puts your marketing efforts on autopilot. As a marketing automation tool, it does have quite a few features, as well as being affordably priced.

You can send an unlimited number of emails, follow up automatically, and then track your results on a real-time basis. This allows you to determine which of your campaigns are doing well so that you can then focus your efforts on those, or make adjustments to the others.

Dr. Amit Pareek and his developers have sold a good amount of their previous products. A few of his prior products include WP SociXplode, Vidfly, WP Notify Wizard 2.0, InstaConsultant 2.0, FB Ads Biz in a Box, BigWigVideo, SEO Firesale, 2 Cent Traffic System, Exquisite Consultant Toolkit, and a few others.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Fully automated
  2. No monthly fee (One Time Investment)
  3. Step-by-step training
  4. Increase open and delivery rates
  5. Import an unlimited amount of subscribers without restrictions
  6. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee

The Not So Good:

  1. Requires some basic technical skills as you have to configure your own STMP settings
  2. There are upgrades
  3. Some people have had a challenge with getting their money back promptly on the Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  4. Really need to upgrade to get the full impact of this system
  5. Product effectiveness more limited than what the sales page leads you to believe

Who is the MailZingo Pro Plan For?

Internet marketing professionals or business owners who want to increase their results through email marketing.

Tools & Training

Three-Step Process:

1) Upload your subscribers and set up a campaign

2) Send Out your Emails – can send unlimited emails to your subscribers

3) Monitor your Results from each campaign

Video Training is provided for each feature.


  • Import unlimited subscribers
  • The ability to schedule when you desire to send your emails out or send them out immediately
  • Use your own SMTP service by configuring your SMTP settings
  • The lead form is built within the system
  • Boost email delivery, click and open rates
  • Monitor your campaigns by tracking your open and click rates
  • Reduces bounce rate — automatically removes bounced and spam emails to keep your list clean
  • Text and Inline Editor provided to create emails — Create text or HTML emails
  • Integrates with most SMTP servers such as SendGrid and Amazon SES
  • Built-in SMTP is available — system sets up an SMTP on your host server
  • Can SPAM compliant
  • One-click unsubscribe feature
  • Ability to Manage Subscribers — locate, filter, and clean lists
  • You are able to Personalize your Emails in order to increase open rates
  • Create and send a newsletter to your subscribers in order to build trust and establish long-term business

Here is a Video which briefly takes you through the Process:


24/7 support is provided with the link below which provides a KnowledgeBase and Support Tickets:


Pro Plan — $69 is a One Time Investment — Unlimited Campaigns per Month

Scale Plan — $47 is a One Time Investment — One Thousand (1000) campaigns per month

Starter Plan — $17 is a One Time Investment — One Hundred (100) campaigns per month


MailZingo Elite — $77 is a One Time Investment — additional features included

MailZingo Enterprise — $97 is a One Time Investment — even more features

Reseller Rights — $97 is a One Time Investment — this allows you to sell the product

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is definitely a good way to bring in revenue once you have created a good-sized list. Recent data shows a 4,300 % return on investment with the use of email marketing with businesses around the world, with three (3) times the conversion rate of social media. When you have a good list there is definitely profit there.

That being said, it does depend on the quality of your list. This tool will only be effective when you are sending emails to a high-quality list. It automates the process and saves you time. Also, you will save twenty (20%) to thirty (30%) of your leads when importing them, as you don’t have to deal with the double opt-in process of your more standard autoresponders.

This is a self-hosted email marketing platform that gives you more control over your email marketing process than dealing with third (3rd) party providers. According to the developers, once you get it set up you are good to go in managing your own platform.

Again this is just a tool to enhance your marketing efforts. It is not for everyone. Again, I am not a fan of upgrades. If you have a good product, include all the features and sell it at a fair price. That’s just the way I feel about it.

Also, there have been some users who have found the platform quite limiting with the top front-end option, which is the Pro version. Some folks have found it necessary to upgrade to at least the Elite version to get any decent functionality out of the software. As a result of this and some other limitations, there have been quite a few refund requests. Some people have found it hard to get a refund as well.

On the other hand, there have been people who have found this product useful. It all depends on your specific needs as to how well this software will assist your marketing efforts. Do keep in mind there are a lot of choices out there as to email marketing software options.

Even though I do find some value in this product, given the upgrades and some of the complaints, I cannot recommend this product wholeheartedly. Before purchasing, take the time to do some extensive research so that you have a very good understanding of its pros and cons, and how they relate to your specific situation.

Final Conclusion Mail Zingo Pro Plan Review

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MailZingo Pro Plan Review - Online Marketing

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  1. Hello, thank you for explaining all about this automated platform where I’d be able to do some of the best from my email list but from your review here, it looks like something that will not be the best for my business but I really need an automated platform still. Do you seem to have any recommendation.

    • Thanks Riley for your comments. At this point I am still researching and have not found something which I feel confident to recommend. All the Best.

  2. thanks for sharing this article. i enjoyed reading your article about this software a lot. i loved the term you used here “the good and not so good.”it is a very smart choice. the overview part is truly recommendable. it gives the whole sneak peek of the software. afterwards you gave the details of the features. i have seen the video and i must say that the video is well organized. the most attractive thing of this software is that it gives 2 types of plans in reasonable price. as i will start working with mailzingo i am willing to take the started plan. hoping to let you know the feedback soon. thanks for writing so nicely.

    i will surely share this article to my social media accounts so that others can know about this software too.

    • Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your views on this. Based on the pros and cons the starter option seems the best, I agree. All the Best to You. 

  3. First of all, thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and informative article.

    This a great review of Mailzingo pro plan. I knew that itis an email marketing automation piece of software that is web-based and self-hosted. It is basically a promotional tool to enhance my email marketing efforts. After reading your article I have learned a lot about this. Hopefully, your recommendations will be in my head and I will start email marketing very soon. Many thanks to the author of the article for his article I have benefited greatly by reading this.

    Once again, Thanks again for sharing this informative post. I will share the post with others. 😊

    • Thank you for your comments and sharing my article. I appreciate your thoughts and wish you the very Best in your marketing efforts. 

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principle content of this article is mailzingo pro plan review. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like the good side of mailzingo pro plan. What I like best about it is its auto mated.

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  5. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful article. Your article is really very informative and I have gained a lot of knowledge which is very helpful to me .I’ve been working in the online world for a long time and I’ve done a lot of research on the MailZingo Pro Plan software .And I also agree with you that I do not want to recommend anyone to use this software and I have not used it myself and the reasons for not using it are very nicely expressed in your article so you must be very grateful. 

    I hope that by reading your article, everyone will be able to find out more about this software and will definitely share with you their new experience .Can I share your article on my social media?

    • Thank you Shanta for your thoughts. Yes, please share my article. I appreciate that. Although some people may find value with this software, as I mentioned there some significant drawbacks as well. All the very best to you.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing such a great article among us. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about MailZingo Pro. Email marketers need MailZingo Pro. MailZingo Pro is a great way to send email. I think this article is helpful for every Email marketers. I am an email marketer. I have used a long time MailZingo Pro. It is an amazing software for email. People can easily operate MailZingo Pro. I’m so impressed. Your article was very helpful. Thanks for presenting beautifully.
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  7. I’m glad I came across this article. I can never seem to find a an email system that I am really happy with. I don’t expect any to be perfect, but I would like to find something that suits me more. This one looks like it might be worth a shot. I especially like that it’s a one time investment. That’s not something I come across too often. 

    • Thanks for your comments Randy. This may be helpful but I would also encourage you to do a bit more research and read over my pros and cons and then decide if it still makes sense. All the Best.

  8. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article. 

    Reaching out to a customer is always a marketter target and for marketters like my self who wishes to increase results and sales, I think  Mailzingo pro plan is just the perfect system for us.The features are amazing and it’s less stressful to operate.i would want to recommend this to all marketters to try out.Thanks once more.

  9. I do appreciate everything I read through these pages especially the writer’s opinion is very fair and honest.Is it possible to help us with try before you buy option? Thanks

  10. Have an email list is so great because this list is at the heart of making money by sending those on your list products and promotional. The first time that I have heard of this system and thanks a lot for doing the homework for us to help us understand this product better.

  11. Thank you much for this info, I believe in email marketing, having your mails delivered is paramount to email marketing.
    I use send grid that is tied in with my autoresponder for certain delivery to your inbox, This info is valuable to marketers online.
    Thanks for posting.


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