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MailPrimo Pro Review Email Marketing

Name: MailPrimo Pro



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Price: $17 or $49.95 or $87.95 (14 Day Free Trial)

Owners: Dr. Amit Pareek and Ashu Kumar

Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Product Overview

This is cloud-based software designed specifically for email marketing. Its intention is to increase your delivery, open rates, and click-through rates. It is SAAS software that operates similarly to an autoresponder but without the monthly fee.

This cloud-based email marketing platform eliminates many of the other challenges you may have with the more well-known autoresponder companies. For a one time fee there are many advantages which are outlined on the sales page of this product.

The creator of this software, Dr. Amit Pareek, has created other online software products such as SociDeck, VidMozo, ProfitFox, Facebook Marketing, InstaConsultant, Media Buy Biz, PPC Biz in a Box, and ShopMozo. He has been around several years in the internet marketing arena developing software.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Fourteen (14) Day Free Trial
  2. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Increase delivery and open rates
  4. One Time Fee
  5. Reduces bounce rate

The Not So Good:

  1. Poor documentation (interface does not match info in PDF)
  2. Training not specific enough unless you have some technical skills
  3. Not consistent in working on all different servers
  4. No blank templates
  5. Not a good delete feature
  6. Has produced mixed results for different users
  7. You need SMTP (Sending Server)
  8. Requires more technical knowledge to set this up than you are originally led to believe

Who is MailPrimo For?

This software is designed for internet marketers of all types who are interested in using email marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Tools & Training

There are a number of PDFs and training videos.

It is a three (3) step process to use once you get the software configured to your specific server and browser.

1) Upload your subscribers into the system

2) Send emails to your list

3) Monitor the results in terms of deliveries, opens, click-throughs, and opt-ins or sales

  • Add, import or copy and paste subscribers
  • Subscriber management
  • Create Newsletters
  • Five (5) message editor templates
  • Two (2) web-form templates with the editor
  • One (1) Sub-Domain or Business
  • Unlimited mailings monthly
  • Import Unlimited Subscribers

You can import unlimited subscribers from your list with the Pro Plan and you won’t lose even a single ID while importing. No double opt-in is required so this cuts down on losing up to thirty (30%) of your subscribers.

  • Send Unlimited Mails on a set Schedule or Immediately

Send unlimited emails or newsletters with your own SMTP service. You must configure SMTP settings and then send your emails to your preferred timetable.

  • In-built lead form provided

Lead form available for use on your blog, e-commerce site, or WordPress site. Copy and paste the code and you are ready to go.

  • Boost email delivery, click and open rate

Monitor your individual campaigns by tracking your open and click-through rates. This is designed to give you better control of your campaigns.

  • Assign smart tags in order to segment your subscribers and send emails to specified groups

Use this feature to assign tags to your subscriber list and get them segmented in the way you desire. This allows you to send emails specifically to each segmented group.

  • Reduce your Bounce Rate

Gets rid of bounced and spammed mails. The software automatically cleans your list by removing bounced emails.

  • Inbuilt Text & Inline Editor

Create text or HTML emails with this LIVE Inline editor.

  • Works with Almost Every SMTP server

Works great with almost every SMTP server or you can set-up your own SMTP.

  • Works with email providers like Google, Yahoo and Outlook

It works with most email providers.

  • CAN-SPAM compliant

It has a one-click unsubscribe feature which reduces spam complaints.

  • Manage your subscribers

Find, filter, and clean your subscriber lists. This allows you to locate a subscriber from your entire list with one (1) click. You can also track duplicate entries and create a backup of your list.

  • All-in-one cloud-based email marketing software

It a cloud-based platform that you need to install.

  • Allows you to Increase your sales

Email marketing is the vehicle to maximize your results. You can increase your Return On Investment (ROI) by sending your promotional emails such as product info, discounts, and white papers.

  • Personalize your Emails

Personalizing your emails gets the attention of your subscribers and increases open rates.

  • Create newsletters

This allows you to keep in contact with your subscribers on a regular basis by updating them about new and current product offers. You can then send them easily to your website, blog, or sales page.

  • Fully automated

This software automates your email marketing efforts.

  • No monthly fees

There are no recurring fees for sending unlimited emails.

  • Designed by Marketers

MailPrimo was designed by people with several years in the online marketing industry

  • Step-By-Step Training

There is video training that explains each feature and how to implement them.


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$17 [Starter Plan] or $49.95 [Scale Plan] or $87.95 [Pro Plan] (14 Day Free Trial)

Final Thoughts

Before I get into my specific thoughts on this product, I have included a video below of a user of this software and some of the challenges which she experienced. I have also discovered another user who is well technically versed who also found this product rather challenging to use, but his video is much longer.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective and fastest ways to market your products and services online. Research done by industry sources indicates that this type of marketing produces returns on investment of over four thousand (4000%) for businesses worldwide. This is much more effective than social media.

This specific product has had mixed results for different people. It is low cost compared to the more well-known brands of autoresponders, but the product quality and ease of use is not as effective. The concept on the surface is very good, but the results achieved are just not consistent.

I have found that many of the good reviews are from folks who just want to make a few bucks selling this product. When you do enough research you will discover more of the facts about this product and its inconsistent reliability.

Also since you need SMTP or a sending server, it really is not cloud-based in the sense of the way it is described on their sales page. It requires you to go and configure your set-up which is not explained on the promo page, and the documentation on how to do that configuration is not all that clear and easy to understand. If you have enough technical skills you will figure it out, otherwise, it can very very challenging and frustrating even with the support they provide.

Since this product comes with a fourteen (14) day free trial, I strongly encourage those who choose to give this system a shot to use those fourteen (14) days wisely in testing the ease of set-up and overall functionality of this product. Their Step-by-Step training is not all that easy to follow.

Since I have mixed feelings about this product I choose not to recommend it. You usually get what you pay for, and when it comes to creating and preserving your subscriber list, which is your goldmine, I prefer not to take any unwarranted chances. The good thing is the fourteen (14) day free trial if this is something that you do want to check out.

All the Best in your marketing efforts,


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20 thoughts on “MailPrimo Pro Review…”

  1. Thanks for the in-depth look at MailPrimo Pro. Email marketing is such an important and valuable channel (the “goldmine”), and it’s important to get it right. It’s a bit overwhelming with all the options out there though and no one wants to waste time. Thanks for steering me away from this one and helping me figure out why there are certainly better options out there.

  2. When it comes to doing business or rather, considering a business online, i always look out for honesty as the first trait of the product, I believe that any legit and profitable business should come straight to it’s potential members and let them know what they are into. Needing more prior technical knowledge to set it up is out of the requirements, and also don’t let is be flattered by virtue of days of trials they offer, some are just camouflage.

  3. I believe that if I were to go for this mailprimo pro here, I would be looking at the possibilities of making use of the starter plan as that is still lesser in the cost. But then, looking at the not so good part that this offer, I’m not so sure I want to get myself attached with them yet. Mailprimo pro surely has a good initiative but then, it lacks in some special touches that could have made it totally awesome. Thanks

  4. Hi, in my business I am looking for maximum efficiency with the investments I make. My time is more valuable then anything else, and I do not want to waste it reading complicated instructions with no framework or templates.

    I like the idea that it is a one time fee, and I like that it will reduce the bounce rate, as well as increasing the open and delivery rates. 

    People have to realize that a lot of people are not very good with computers, and they need to be guided in a better way.

    We need specific directions as customers, do not ask us to do more work then we want to, and that includes having to learn from improper instructions.

    All in all, there is ample time to get a refund, and there are defenitily some advantages to checking it out. Thanks for this. 

  5. Generating traffic to your website is a very thing when it comes to internet marketing and email is a very important aspect that can be treated to achieve this. I like  kind of way MailPrimo is modelled but the issue of different complaints from the customers review is really confusing, if a product is having too many complaint, be careful of such. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Well you gave the final verdict which is not so good and in the pros and cons section, the cons outweigh the pros. What you want is a system that delivers on a promise and not a bunch of hype which is not good. Thanks so much for the insight that will help others to make the right decision when coming across this system.

  7. Hi Joseph; mail Promo Pro is only another one of those wannabes out there trying to ride the get-rich wagon. They come with a lot of hype to distract and deceive. I am glad that you became aware that they are not delivering genuine service, and share it so that others can be cautious.

  8. I am using this software now and facing some problems

    (1) Cannot link gmail to the account no matter what settings i put in, so looks like it ( mailprimo ) does not work with gmail
    (2) Cannot set an autoresponder because of the plan I am on ( $47 – it came bundled with some other software ) , does not allow autoresponder )
    (3) Because of the above ( autoresponder ) , I cannot publish my leadpage becausee i requires an autoresponder , so its a waste of time and money actually the programme does not behave as advertised.


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