Live And Let Live

The phrase, “Live and Let Live”, is familiar to most people, and I’m pretty sure most of us have heard of it at one time or another during the course of our lives. It does sound good, and tends to bring forth a good message to live by.  Live and Let Live

But let’s explore this phrase a bit more as we are going to uncover some valuable insights within the depths of this phrase. This can lead us to examine some of our assumptions and beliefs about the very process of life. Let’s get exploring and see what we find.

Accepting Ourselves and Others

Now the traditional meaning of the phrase, Live and Let Live, is basically living your life as you so choose and letting others do the same without any interference or unasked for opinions. And all in all this is a very good philosophy to live by.

When we accept our strengths and weaknesses and move forward in life doing the best we can, we have a reason to feel good even when we do not reach our stated objective if we have one. Also, accepting other people just the way they are empowers us to choose whether or not we desire their company, as well as the amount of credence we are willing to give to their statements and advice.

This type of mindset positions us to not resist the realities of life, while consciously choosing how to respond and when. Instead of reacting to people and events which we “judge” to be wrong or just annoying, we are able to accept one hundred (100%) percent responsibility for our thoughts and feelings.

In order to be able and willing to accept such responsibility it requires our Presence and Observation; in other words, we need to be Awake to the Moment, and not sleepwalking through life.

Our Hidden Treasure

We strike gold when we employ this “live and let live” concept in such a way that we are able to spend more and more time in the Present Moment being aware of our feelings and thoughts, and realizing that we are not them, but merely the Observer of them.  The Observer

Arriving at this point of awareness is worth more than all the precious metals and fiat currency in the world. This state of presence opens up so many doors to our fulfillment of whatever it is we truly desire. Things not only improve in our outer circumstances, but more importantly we attain an Inner State of Invincibility where we know that everything is “Good Already”.

At this point we have no need for our circumstances to change in order to make us happy and feel good. We actually see and know that when we feel good our circumstances naturally change. All of this as a result of our decision to Accept our present circumstances and “Live and Let Live”.

Some Practical Applications

So this all sounds real good, but how do we get there? What can we do each day to attain this state. The easy answer is too easy for most minds to accept, as we have all these ridiculous reasons stuck in our head of why things won’t work and why the certainly can’t be that easy. We are married to our limitations, and if we doubt this we just need to tune into our results in any given area of our lives in which we desire improvement. Results or lack of them don’t lie.

Are you ready for the simple and easy solution? Okay, here it is. Decide to do it and Just Do It. This sounds like one of those Michael Jordon Nike commercials from the past, but it works. Now when the noise in your mind continues to increase, just allow it to be so, and just observe the circus of your thoughts and feelings. There are many valuable clues here to your ultimate freedom and fulfillment.

Now if you are still buying into your self-limiting lies, then enjoy the self-sabotage, but see it for what it really is. Don’t continue to buy into all the lies about yourself and what you can or cannot attain. This in itself is major progress, and takes you a bit closer to your freedom. By just staying there you will eventually be inspired to replace those ideas with more fulfilling ones.

The long route is to continue to struggle in letting go of all the unnecessary baggage, and force yourself to progress down the road to your goals and objectives. You can still get there, but it is a lot more frustrating, tiring, and less enjoyable of a journey.

Gratitude and The Hidden Passage  Gratitude

Even without letting go of all the baggage of false assumptions and beliefs we can still shortcut this process. As I have said in previous posts, the journey is where all the fun is, and the destination is just a reason to play the game. So let’s find a few ways to make our journey a bit more enjoyable.

Being grateful for what we currently have in terms of family, friends, talents, abilities, possessions, opportunities etc. not only puts us in a good space, but opens our vision to possibilities, and we then realize any roadblocks or challenges are merely puzzles to be solved along the way. With this expanded vision of gratitude becomes a natural state for us to inhabit.

When we are in this expanded state of gratitude, the Hidden Passage to our dreams and goals is revealed through our intuition to which we become much more alert. We recognize once we step through this Hidden Passage we enter a realm of freedom and possibility. Our self-imposed limitations dissolve when we see with New Eyes and we take intuitive and inspired actions.

Within ourselves we have always had these gifts and the potential to utilize them, but we were never taught “how” to think so we failed to recognize them. Let’s now move forward with our Expanded Vision which does not know limitations and failure since it is based on Expansion and Freedom.

One last benefit of our choice to Live and Let Live is we develop an authentic respect and compassion for ourselves. You can call this self-respect, self-love, or any other term which comes to mind, but the essence of it all is we are returned to our original base of caring and loving ourselves for no other reason than We Just Are. When we feel this type of compassion and love for ourselves, it naturally transfers to Love and compassion of All Life.

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May you all Live and Let Live in Peace & Joy,


22 thoughts on “Live And Let Live”

  1. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Accepting personal responsibility is the solution to most life challenges. Knowing who you are will surely brings out the best in you.When life knocks you down, lay know your back. If you can look up, you can rise again. Thanks for the insightful post. Best regards 

  2. Hi, great article you have got here. The phrase, “live and let live” is very paramount to our piece of mind when we accept the simple truth. I love the way you gave the definition of the phrase, “live and let live’. There are some people that poke-nose a lot into people’s affairs, they will live their own life and also will want to live other people’s life.

    Having the mentality of live and let live will not only give you peace of mind but will also make you not to get disappointed when hurt by people. Nothing anyone does surprises you, because by that phrase, you have chosen to mind your own business, and everyone is accountable for his actions and inactions.

    The simple solution you gave is great, it is possible to achieve if only we decide to let others live the way they want and put it into practice  without procrastinating.

  3. First of all, i was captured by the title of your article “Live and lets live”. Though i have heard the phrase before times without number but to be honest i never really understood what it means no until after reading your article on it. The way you write your article with simplicity really amazed me. Thanks so much for this very lovely and educative post. I hope to read more of your subsequent posts.

  4. Hi Joseph,

    What an inspiring post. Live and let live has a seep meaning in many aspects of our lives in my opinion. Some people or even me sometimes just forget to live our lives. We often focus on our career too much, we are afraid of the unknown and just forgot to live our lives. Some parents are also too afraid to let their child make his or her mistakes as well. However, we can only learn from our mistakes. I watched a video on youtube the other day and this speaker name, Jim Kwik said something that stuck in my head. Jim said that “Practice makes Progress” He is absolutely right! We just need to let go of the perfection and start living our lives. Just do it or else it will never be done.

    • Thanks Nuttanee for your comments and I totally agree.  Successful people spend a lot of time doing things they are not quite sure how to do.  The adventure is in the journey.

  5. Excellent article Joseph,

    I think being grateful is the most important part of any journey, we need to apply that in any instance in our lives to make sure that we can continue our journey without anything holding us back. I used to be a pessimist and I realised one day that I have this very heavy baggage of anger an resentment for just about any small thing I’ve come across in my life such as being cheated on, people being rude etc.

    After I started being grateful and changed my mindset, I was able to put all of those behind me and only think of those obstacles as mere lessons in life that would bring me to my end game in the future. Loving this article!

    • Thank you Riaz, and I am grateful for your comments and even more grateful for letting go of your baggage and creating a mindset of gratitude. All the Best to You.

  6. I’m quite  familiar with this phrase. It’s part of the lyrics to my favourite song.

    It is sad that a lot of people want to live, without letting others experience life as well. I strongly believe, that everyone is responsible for their own self expression, and we shouldn’t judge or condemn others because they do not follow our system of beliefs or values.

    Everyday, I’m grateful for my friends and family. I try to help everyone become the best version of themselves. This gives me pleasure, irrespective of my reservations to their lifestyle. In the end, we need to stop talking and start doing more, this would give us a real sense of fulfillment.


  7. I love the way this is written , for me I see this as a win win situation where both parties emerges as victors , by helping following their choices in life and simultaneously taking measure to let others have the same opportunity as we don’t want others to make choices for us so in return we should not do same.

  8. At a very young age, I heard the phrase “live and let live” from my maternal grandma. She explained what it meant to me and I immediately embraced it as my principle for life. I found out that whenever I stepped off that principle,I started feeling entitle or even angry for what I thought should happen but isnt.

    This Principle has helped me stay motivated when I needed to, it has also opened up my mind to so many possibilities and let’s me relate with everyone in such a way that they always value my friendship or relationship. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding me why I chose a live and let live principle.

    • Thanks so much for your heartfelt comments.  What a wonderful gift to be given from your grandma at such an early age.   I appreciate you sharing this with me.  All the very Best.

  9. Thanks for writing this article on  live and let live. I must commend you for the job well done for taking your time to write this article.i really find this article useful  today and I how many will get this massage right also in other live on harmony with people around us.a person can’t stay alone in this world. At one point in time he/she will need someone. We all need each other to survive that just the bitter true

  10. Hello, my friend, I believe that God has blessed all of us with gifts and talents and it’s up to us to reach down inside and pull them out. It is all a matter of stepping out in and taking action” just do it”. The first step in the right direction starts with a single thought and then comes the planning and then action if we do this and go against the grain success will be ours we can do it but it is only by reaching down deep within in us and taking a leap of faith will we be able to live our dreams.

  11. Thanks Joseph,
    Excellent article – you have great perspectives on gratitude and the choices we make.
    I also think forgiveness is important – both in letting go of negative emotions, loving others as we want to be loved and freedom.
    What are your thoughts on forgiveness in your Live and Let Go Mindset?
    Thank you


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