KDSPY v4 Software Review

KDSPY v4 Software Review   Kindle publishing

Name: KDSPY v4 Software (Kindle Spy)

Website: .kdspy.com

Price: $47

Owner: Wesley Atkins

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Product Overview

This software is a Kindle publishing tool which works with both PC and Mac, and is designed to reduce the time needed when doing keyword research. It determines the profitability of keywords by providing sales data on books related to the specific keyword.

On each book it indicates the monthly revenue, sales rank, price, number of pages, number of reviews, and estimated sales. The lower the sales rank the more profit you will make.

It also uses metrics such as potential, popularity, and competition (Traffic Light System) to determine the profitability of keywords. It displays the sales data for the top twenty (20) books for a keyword.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Saves time on keyword research

2) Free updates (for all Amazon algorithm changes)

3) 60 Day Unconditional Guarantee

4) Can track your competition’s book rankings for thirty (30) days

5) Determines how a Kindle e-book category is doing compared to others


TheNot So Good   Self-Publishing

1) Doesn’t work for paperback books

2) Doesn’t display Amazon searches per month

3) Not as effective as when it first launched

4) Need competitor products for additional tools and functions



Who is KDSPY v4 Software For?

Software for self-publishers


Tools & Training

– KDSpy browser extension (determine keyword profitability)

– Traffic Light System

– Keyword Analysis Tool

– Word Cloud: identifies most-used keywords surrounding the keyword under analysis

– Track Author pages

– Track Rankings of Competition

– Category Research


Submit ticket to their Support Desk.


$47 One Time Payment

Final Thoughts

This is a decent tool for the price. It’s good for category research. It’s one of the first software programs for self publishers on Amazon. There are other products out there such as Kindle Samurai and KDP Rocket. These are all helpful products which contain features not included in the others.

It serves you well to first determine what are your priorities and then select one or more of these products based on your individual needs.


Final Conclusion   product review


Check Out my Review of this Online Training Platform which includes keyword research and much, much More!


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6 thoughts on “KDSPY v4 Software Review”

  1. Do you use this tool to create Kindle books? I know of someone that boss about making millions of dollars writing kindle books. This tools seems to be pretty amazing and can profit in so many ways even though there are some cons.

  2. This piece of software looks promising and could be the forerunner of such.
    It’s interesting to note how it cuts writing time down. I think every blogger needs that besides Kindle ebook authors.

    It could well tie in with K-Money Mastery, a comprehensive training program for Kindle authors.

    Once a few updates have been executed if the price of KDSpy stays competitive, I’m sure it will have a lot of buyers.


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