Is SFM (Six Figure Mentors) Legit?

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) Review   online marketing training



Price: $29.95 fee PLUS $25 per month – Intro Membership

Owners: Stu Ross and Will Kenderdine

Rank: 10 out of 100


Six Figure Mentors

Product Overview

A business system which allows you to copy the exact same strategies used by the owners themselves to create and sell their own products and services. It trains you to promote their business.


The Good:

1) Some basic training

2) Provide Marketing Systems (autoresponders, shopping carts, websites etc.)

3) A support community and mentoring


The Bad:

1) Overpriced
2) Minimal training until pay for several upgrades

3) Set up to sell own program (SFM)
4) Not transparent as to what is really going on

5) Pressure to upgrade from your coach

6) Not interested in teaching you how to sell any product or service of your own


Who is SFM For?

They tell you that this is for all levels of marketers; beginners or people looking to upgrade their current business. They also have an affiliate program which offers commissions up to $1000 per sale. They offer seven (7) promo videos where they rehash a lot of info you can find elsewhere on the web.


SFM Tools & Training

– weekly live marketing training

– senior business coach

– training modules

– Digital Experts Academy – an online university


SFM Pricing

1) Intro Membership – $29.95 fee PLUS $25 per month

2) Basic Membership: $297 up front PLUS $97 per month

3) Elite Member: $2,500 per year PLUS $97 per month (can now sell the Six Figure Mentor Program)

4) Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black – increases at each level up to $30,000


My Final Opinion of Six Figure Mentors

You may want to Avoid Six Figure Mentors (SFM) for a number of reasons.

The seven (7) free videos are mainly a bait and switch tactic in order to get your email address, and then keep you upgrading through their sales process. The videos are of limited value, and are a similar ploy of all “overpriced” internet marketing programs.

The Application Process with the small $25 fee is just another ploy to set you up for the big money upgrades.

You get very little for the Intro and Basic memberships, so they are in a way forcing you to purchase the Elite Membership in order to receive any core material. All the training prior to buying the Elite Program can only be used to promote SFM, and not to promote any of your own niche products or services.

In the world of Affiliate Marketing legitimate programs are FREE to join; Not with SFM. You pay Big Bucks to join their affiliate program, and their training up to that point is limited on purpose.


Final Thoughts

Stay Away! The program is overpriced, and the primary goal is not to teach you to be a competent internet marketer in any niche, but to give you enough information and training to market SFM.

Since some of their course training modules are not that bad, so I’ll give them a Ten (10) out of One Hundred )100) rating.


Final Conclusion:   Product review


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