iPocket Video Review

iPocket Video Review Smartphone Video Marketing

Name: iPocket Video
Website: iPocketVideo.net <<

Price: $27 One Time Investment
Owner: Joey Xoto

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is an in depth video training course which teaches you how to shoot video with your smartphone. In addition to the iPhone, the course has been upgraded to include Android now as well. It is taught in a step-by-step basis to ensure that you are able to grasp the concepts in order to produce professional looking videos.

The creator of the course, Joey Xoto, is a professional video marketer who has launched several products online. In video marketing, he has over seven (7) years of experience. He has earned over a quarter of a million ($250,000+) dollars utilizing his video marketing techniques.

This course is intended for you to be able to quickly learn how to create high converting videos to promote affiliate items or your own products. It is designed to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) when you embed these videos on your squeeze or sales pages.

These types of high quality videos are designed to go viral at a much faster rate in building your audience, and establishing yourself as an authority in your specific niche.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Save money in creating professional looking videos (no need to hire others to do it)
  3. No need for expensive equipment
  4. Thirty (30) day Mone Back Guarantee
  5. No special technical skills required

The Not So Good:

  1. Takes a bit of time to get familiar with the process
  2. Have to enjoy taking videos with your phone

Who is iPocket Video For?

This product will assist any blogger or internet marketer who desires to utilize video in their work. It eliminates the need for expensive equipment and allows you to produce professional videos on your smartphone, whether Apple or Android.

Tools & Training

Step–by Step training videos in the members’ area with resources which you can download.

Section One (1) Modules — The Basics

Module One (1): Create Professional Videos on your Smartphone — teaches how to transform phone videos from low to high quality.

Module Two (2): Five (5) Steps to Ensure Great Filming Before You Start — take the necessary steps to avoid having to refilm because of low quality production.

Module Three (3): Crisp, Perfect Audio — reviews how to create high quality audio in order to increase viewer retention and conversions.

Module Four (4): The Best Ways to Record — with your current tools you have ways to start and stop recording effortlessly without even needing to touch the phone. You are able to control your recording from a distance without shaky footage.

Module Five (5): Create Depth of Field Shots — learn to obtain higher focus on the subject of your video shot with a blurred background to increase effects.

Module Six (6): Stable Shots Made Easy — learn to create a professional look to your videos by getting stable footage even when you hold your camera without a tripod.

Module Seven (7): One (1) Simple Trick to Look Like a Million Bucks — learn how to obtain wide-angle videos to increase retention and conversions by emphasizing high video quality. No need for expensive cameras and lenses. An inexpensive tool will create the same effect on your smartphone.

Module Eight (8): Steady Exposure and Focus with Smartphone — shows you how to handle traditional issues with filming with your smartphone. Learn to control white balance, shoot in slow and high speed motion, and manipulate the light source.

Module Nine (9): Professional Smartphone Filming Set-Up — learn to create high quality videos by learning how to use the tools for creating professional videos.

Section Two (2) Modules — Super Hero Shooting

Module One (1): The Secrets to Beautiful Footage — learn how to create a “mood” with different types of shots by watching real life examples. Create an authoritative vibe and a professional look with these techniques.
Module Two (2): Film Rules That Maximize Viewer Interest — learn advanced filming techniques and rules which enable you to create high quality videos which captivate your audience. You will learn how to use B-Roll and other composition techniques such as the Rule of Thirds.

Module Three (3): Lighting Like a Pro — learn to utilize low budget and easy to use lighting which creates a professional look and effect.

Module Four (4): Moving Head Videos Done Right — learn how to correctly film others or yourself talking on camera by creating the best lighting and composition. Also learn a way to maximize viewer interest on these moving head videos.

Section Three (3) Modules — the Easiest Editing Ever

Module One (1): Never Fear Editing Again — learn step-by-step editing techniques by watching the creator of this course implement these techniques. Learn how to edit your videos even on your smartphone. You have the choice whether you desire to upload your videos to your computer or not.

Module Two (2): Adding Music — increase the interest in your videos by using royalty-free music. Learn how to properly integrate it with your videos to create the desired effect. Information also included on where to find the best royalty-free music.

Module Three (3): Royalty-Free Stock Footage — learn how to add extra stock footage to your videos which will increase interest by breaking up the content. It is not necessary to film anything yourself; just use your smartphone and no extra tools are necessary.


24/7 support email support.


$27 One Time Investment

Final Thoughts

For those interested in incorporating video into their online marketing efforts, this training course will save you significant time and money in producing professional looking videos of high quality which convert well. It is intended to help you increase sales and build your online reputation and authority.

This is a product which is reasonably priced, and can be used both for business and personal projects to increase your video skills.

This product was originally created for iPhones ,but you will find that ninety (90%) percent of the training is applicable to Androids as well (script writing training, shooting techniques, and editing procedures). The other ten (10%) percent of the training is iPhone specific.

Here is the link again for those who wish to check it out further:


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  1. Wow, dirt cheap price at that, and it looks like something I can use for one of my blogs where video will be more than necessary, as it displays the do’s and don’ts of exercise technique. Right now, I’m creating videos but I know the Modules shown here would definitely be of greater help and allow me to create even better short videos. Thanks for the resource and it’s something I’m looking into here. You can’t beat that price. 


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