Instant eCom Funnels Pro Review

Instant eCom Funnels Pro Review eCommerce

Name: Instant eCom Funnels Pro

Website: <

Price: $39.95 One time investment

Owners: Glynn Kosky + Ariel Sanders

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Product Overview

There’s a lot of interest these days in generating online income through eCommerce. That being said, Instant eComm Funnels provides a shortcut for those interested in this business model. It simplifies the process by enabling you to build funnels in a three (3) step process, saving you both time and money.

Instant eCom Funnels is essentially a cloud-based application which makes it much easier to create funnels for your eCommerce business. It’s ideal for marketers doing drop shipping. You can create basic funnels which makes it easy for you to upsell your customers after the initial purchase.

Since stores such as Shopify can be a bit pricey to set up, this product provides a less expensive option. Competitors out there such as ClickFunnels do an excellent job in creating simple funnels, but the advantage of Instant eCom Funnels is that there are no monthly fees or ongoing maintenance charges.

This product makes it easy to set up a two (2) page funnel with your PayPal info added in. There are two (2) types of funnels available: 1) Free plus shipping 2) Free shipping

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. User Friendly
  2. No monthly or annual fees
  3. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  4. Doesn’t require extensive tech skills
  5. No hosting needed
  6. No inventory required

The Not So Good:

  1. Too many upsells that are rather expensive
  2. Downsells as well that can be annoying
  3. All in all this is a very expensive product
  4. The training shows you how to set things up and then leaves you to figure out things on your own
  5. The traffic training is less than desired in actually enabling you to generate the type of traffic needed to produce a consistent profit
  6. Doesn’t quite work as well as advertised
  7. Can’t use a custom domain
  8. Can only use PayPal at checkout

Who is Instant eCom Funnels Pro For?

This product is well suited for eCommerce business owners and affiliate marketers. It allows experienced marketers to create simple eCom funnels, while also allowing newbies get their feet wet in the eCommerce world without a lot of initial expenses.

Tools & Training

Ste-by Step Training Videos

Drag-And-Drop Page and Funnel Builder

The funnel builder lets you upsell customers after the initial purchase on related or similar products.

Two (2) Master Funnels

There is available the Free + Shipping funnel which is ideal for up selling products or you also have the free Shipping funnel, which you will recognize as one of Amazon’s main strategies in building their business.

Instant PayPal Payments

The software is integrated with PayPal which allows you to get paid immediately after the purchase of a product.

Fully-designed Templates

You have a variety of eCom template from which to choose.

Social Share Buttons

On every page of your eCom funnels you will find social share buttons to help increase traffic.

Customers Added to Autoresponder Automatically

After purchase a buyer is automatically added to your autoresponder and becomes a vital part of your email list.

Four Steps to Creating Funnels

1: Log in and choose a template t

2: Select products from sites such as Amazon or eBay and then upload the products to your eCom Funnel.

3: Insert your PayPal payment details and then publish your funnel

4: Drive traffic to your funnel with the Instant Low-Cost Traffic System.


Email tickets to the support desk and a FAQ page.


Pro Version is $39.95

Lite Version is $34.95

Upgrades: The prices vary depending on which promotion they are offering.

1) Additional Done For You Funnels (Gold) — $27 to $47 — these funnels have been created with products already integrated with the funnels. These funnels have images, sales copy, landing pages, and buy buttons already integrated into the funnels. You just need to add your PayPal details and you’re ready to drive traffic. These funnels have been tested as to conversion rates. Also includes some additional training.

2) Product Vault (Platinum) — $27 to $47 — they do the work for you to locate products with a good probability of selling. They access these products through sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express. All you do is copy and paste. Detailed information is provided as to niche, product name, source, type of funnel recommended to use with specific product, your price, recommended sales price, upsell products, profit potential, target audience for ads, and some additional research which can be helpful to your promotional efforts.

3) Monthly Funnel Club (Titanium) — $27 to $47 — you gain access to additional funnels on a monthly basis. New funnels are added each month. Also access to additional products added to their product vault.

4) Licensing Rights — $197 to $297 — obtain rights to sell this product. You are provided with email swipes to promote this as your own product. You get a series of traffic videos to assist you in promoting this product. There is also personal support through Facebook and Skype when you have questions.

5) Agency Rights — $197 to $297 — this allows you to market these services to clients where you actually create the eCommerce funnels for local businesses, Shopify store owners, and other online marketers. You determine how much you want to charge for this service.


1) The Shoulder Series: a video of the product creator going through the process of building an actual funnel. You can watch as he searches for products, and then implements his traffic system.

2) Private Facebook Support Group: communicate with other people in the eCommerce niche who are building out their funnels. This is an opportunity to share ideas and get your questions answered by folks who have already been through the process.

3) Live Master Training Session: get some training from a person who has created many successful online training systems.

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feeling about this product. If you have an interest in eCom this is definitely a tool which can save you some time and money. But like any other tool, it does take time to get proficient with it, and it is never as easy to get results as the sales page indicates.

A good feature of this product is that there are no monthly fees. You have a choice to upgrade on some offers, but the main product is a one time investment.

You can create your own template from scratch or use one of the preexisting templates. It’s entirely up to you.

This product has many advantages and is certainly helpful to an extent to those in the eCommerce niche. One of my reservations is the large amount of upgrades, which definitely offer some additional value, but at least some of these additional features could just as easily been included in the initial offering. The upgrades make this a very expensive product in my opinion.

I also have some reservations about cloud-based apps because most of them don’t work as well as they are promoted to function. I don’t like the idea of “push button profits” as it makes it sound easier than it is actually is, which is usually the case.

All in all I consider this a product with some value, but at the same time does not live up to all the hype and promotion on its sales page. There are better alternatives out there.

Final Conclusion About Average

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6 thoughts on “Instant eCom Funnels Pro Review”

  1. Excellent review of ecom-funnels pro you have up here. Very interesting insights I have gotten about this product here but I’m kind of pessimistic about this product. Though I’ve little knowledge in the e-com business and this seems like a great way to get things rolling faster but I still find it rather unconvincing enough especially the upsells attached to the upgrades. I don’t personally favour products with upsells. Thanks for the review though.

  2. Hello Joseph,

    I am running a couple of websites, and I am considering adding some funnels, and my current hosting platform doesn’t lend itself to it, as far as I understand (but maybe I need to check with my technical support). 

    So I can see from your review that Instant eCom Funnels might do the trick for me, but perhaps it is not the best product out there. If I just need a good enough product, not simply the best one out there, then maybe I need look no further and sign up. Before I sign up though, I’d be curious to check out the other funnels cloud platforms available. Any advice welcome. 

    • Thanks Phil.  I agree.  This may do it for you for your current needs, but it is always wise to check out other options out there and then decide what is best for you based on quality and price.  All the Best.

  3. Well, I think this eCome funnels pro program is suite for me; but when you’ve mentioned abut it’s training that mentor does show to user how to set things up then leaves client to figure out themself, I kinda got disappointed.
    Another issue about eCom is where we can not use custom domain. But like you said, this program all in all is suite for marketer. I will think about it more and may be I will buy -product wault(platinum plan)-later on.
    Thanks for your honest and informative review.


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