IM VIP Training Review

IM VIP TRAINING Review Internet Marketing



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Price: $4.95 Trial then $29.95 per month
Owners: Kevin Fahey
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a training product which provides a step-by-step guide to learning internet marketing. Its intention is to train you in the fundamentals of internet marketing and get you making money. Several webinars are provided to educate you in the basics of online marketing. There are also various tools provided in terms of software and plugins.

The creator of this program is Kevin Fahey. He is an experienced internet marketer and coach. This training system was updated and released on June 21st 2018. The original course came out in 2013.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Five (5) day trial period for $4.95
  3. Save time in learning basics
  4. Several tools and resources

The Not So Good:

  1. Upsells
  2. Additional fees for hosting, software, and autoresponder
  3. Some of the training may be challenging for beginners
  4. Few support channels that are consistently responsive


This course is designed for all levels of internet marketers including Ecomm and Amazon marketers, affiliate marketers, offline business owners, consultants, CPA advertisers, bloggers, vloggers, product creators, and folks new to the business.

Tools & Training

Here is a brief video explaining the details of this program:

A library of training videos are provided

Welcome Video

Training modules:

IM Newbie Training (6 modules; 32 Lessons) — 32 videos with transcripts and comment section if you have a question.

Module 1: Hosting and Website Set-Up

Module 2: Word Press (WP) Set-Up

Module 3: List Building

Module 4: Social Media

Module 5: Traffic Generation

Module 6: Concluding Thoughts and Bonuses

IM Affiliate Funnel Marketing Training (3 Modules; 18 Lessons)

Affiliate marketing ideas and strategies with free traffic methods. Instruction on how to automate your business and then scale it to higher income levels.

Product Creation Training (3 Modules; 28 Lessons)

This is a video training course called, IM Product Launching 2.0, which covers in detail how to create and launch products online. You will learn how to close high ticket items and the effective way to follow up with affiliates after the launch.

Facebook Ads Training (8 Modules; 38 Lessons)

Video training designed to improve your results advertising on Facebook.

Video Creation Training (7 Modules; 29 Lessons)
This is a “Video Masters Course” in learning how to create videos, effectively edit those videos, and publish your videos on different kinds of media.

Video Advertising Training (2 Modules; 11 Lessons)

Training and case studies in driving traffic to Facebook Video Ads and YouTube.

High Ticket Consulting Training (7 Modules; 20 Lessons)

This teaches you how to be a coach with various types of coaching programs.

Sales and Marketing Training (1 Module; 4 Lessons)

This is called the “Consistent Sales System” and is designed for you to continue to earn income from your previous online marketing efforts. This works effectively for those involved in eComm, coaches, product creators, affiliate marketers, list builders, and even offline business owners.

Traffic Generation Training (1 Module; 5 Lessons)

This is a PDF report and video called “Solo Ad Escape” which enables you to get traffic to your landing pages without solo ads. It emphasizes affiliate marketing and product launches.

Email Marketing Training and Software (4 Modules; 20 Lessons)

You receive email marketing templates as well as the “IM VIP Training Membership Site” with WP plugins and scripts (1 Module; 8 Lessons). You also get the “Tracking Support and Outsourcing Training” (3 Modules; 12 Lessons).


1) Monthly Live Training Webinars — access to new training ideas as well as additional software, PDFs, videos, and case studies. This includes current training related to affiliate marketing, email marketing, Facebook advertising, social media, mindset, traffic sources (free and paid), and productivity.

2) Access to All Future Courses — all updates and future courses are included.


You either go to the Facebook Group or submit a support ticket at the help desk.

Support Desk:




Phone: +34 648 879 658

Mailing Address

Kevin Fahey

Nunyo Sanc 72,

07180, Santa Ponsa




The Five (5) Day Trial Price is $4.95 and then $29.95 per month or $197 per year ($16.41 per month)

IM VIP Training 1 – IM Funnels
In this additional training you will learn how to create sales funnels as well as having access to six (6) already done for you funnels which have already been tested by Keving Fahey as to their effectiveness. Here is a list of the funnels which you will receive with this upgrade:

1) Newbie

2) Affiliate Funnel

3) Video Masters

4) Product Launching

5) VIP Training

6) Download PLR Products

    IM VIP Training – IM Funnels PRO

    With this you get additional funnels

    • Ten (10) additional funnels that are have been tested in the marketplace
    • For each funnel you receive a product which you can market
    • Enables you to brand this product as your own
    • With each funnel you receive a landing/squeeze page with copy, graphics, thank you pages, and an email autoresponder series with which to follow up on your prospects
    • Each funnel includes Optimizepress and HTML versions

    IM VIP Training – IM Funnels Reseller

    This includes The IM Funnels Reseller License with sales material, and sales pages which you can customize.

    Final Thoughts

    This is most definitely a very comprehensive training program which teaches the basics to the beginner, and increases the knowledge base of more experienceed marketers. It is one of the better training programs out there as far as content.

    Kevin certainly provides plenty of information and educational materials. There is some transparency as he allows you to check things out for five (5) days for a minimal price of $4.95.

    A main concern especially for folks new to this business is getting overwhelmed by all of this information and not having any immediate way to get questions answered other than a support ticket (which can take time to get a response back), or a Facebook Group which may or may not provide the info you need when you need it.

    Also, in some of the training videos there is a lot of technical information which may be a bit challenging for beginners. For this kind of training, it would be better if the support structure and hosting were already in place so that all you had to do is purchase a domain name and then you are off and running in your new online career.

    Even though this is a decent program, there are better alternatives out there where the training is more structured and easier to follow. Also you want to have a program where you are part of a community of like-minded folks who are engaged in supporting each other while building their individuals businesses. Here is my #1 Recommendation for an All-Inclusive Online Training Program.

    That being said, I give IM VIP Training an average ranking.

    To your success in All that you endeavor to Do.


    Final ConclusionIM VIP Training

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    10 thoughts on “IM VIP Training Review”

    1. I feel this is an admixture of both the good and the bad of learning affiliate marketing. IM VIP training actually looks very interesting enough to try out but then changing things abruptly especially with the upsells is the reason I want to start doubting this platform. Well! Since your recommendation is that it is a legit platform, I will risk the trial version and see whatbit has to offer before going big in it. Thanks

      • Thanks for your comments.  Yes it is an okay program from which you can learn internet marketing but does no have the best support structure as I mention in the article.  All the Best.

    2. IM VIP TRAINING is worthy enough to give a trial too. I wouldn’t say that I’m totally convinced with this platform yet but it is surely credible enough to say that I can entrust my money with them to give me a worthy training in internet marketing. A lot of websirews are out there with same intent but lacks credibility. The fact that they offer a trial version is good enough reason to consider them to me and for this reason, I will check them out

      • Thanks Shelley for your comments.  Yes they are an okay program where you can learn a bit of the basics but they are not the best out there especially in terms of support and community.  All the Best.

    3. This system seems to be a good investment, there is so much information to keep you going as you work with this system and the good part is a person can start from any level. Even though there may be som challenges anything in life that is worth something will require time and effort.

    4. As per your IM VIP training, it looks like the program is at least legit. We are tired of searching the scams online. So, it’s good new that IM VIP training is not one of those scams.

      You said the training includes a lot of technical information which are not beginner-friendly at all. Do you think those technical learnings are essential to make money online? Is it possible to avoid the technical groups?

      Actually I am not a techie person and thus I afraid it would be a bit challenging for me.

      • Thanks for your comments. The technical stuff is explained but it still takes some attention and focus to figure it out and follow through. As I mentioned in the post, there are other programs such as WA that are simplier to apply and have a better support function in place. All the Best.

    5. Hi Joseph!

      Great post about Im VIP Training.

      I have never heared of this program before. So far I am very satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate (your #1 recommendation) and don`t find it necessary to try something new.

      Wealthy Affiliate realy is a fantastic platform and can also recommend it!


      • Thanks Catherine; I totally agree that taking all aspects of a training platform into consideration WA has them all beat. You will not find this type of community and support anywhere else. All the Best.


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