How To Have A Growth Mindset — Prepare For An Awakening

There is definitely no lack of resources of every kind imaginable relating to mindset and gaining achievement in all aspects of our lives. This article on how to have a growth mindset is more oriented to areas of our lives which we can immediately change once we actually notice that it is possible to see some improvements. It’s all about awareness.Growth Mindset

I think we all would gladly spend the time and energy to do what is necessary to enhance different areas of our existence if we really believed it was possible. When we do not follow through on our inner cravings to improve things, it is basically because down deep we truly do not believe it can happen. Plus, this thought or belief is attached to a whole array of reasons and/or excuses why this is so.

Breaking Free from our Self-Imposed Prisons

When we are brutally honest with ourselves, we have to agree that if other people have succeeded in areas in which we desire success and growth, then it has to be possible for us as to achieve at least some of that success as well. We just don’t know how to get it done, or if we do know how, we are not willing to spend the time, energy, and resources to follow through on our desires.

We are all prisoners of our individual belief systems about how life works. We have ideas about ourselves, other people, and life in general which may or may not be true. Granted, some of these beliefs may have served us well as we were growing up acting as protection devices to keep us safe, but now they are no longer be useful based on our present knowledge, abilities, and circumstances. They are actually getting in our way to optimum success and achievement.

The problem is that we have bought into them to such a degree, that they are now part of our day-to-day functioning, and comprise a good part of how we evaluate and see things. We base our choices and decisions on these ideas and beliefs whether they serve us or not. We are then often left with the feeling that something is wrong, but we can’t put our finger on exactly what it is, so by failing to identify it we feel stuck.

Often we end up dealing with effects rather than identifying and changing the cause. We work harder, try to convince others, and look for clues on the outside, rather than looking within to discover what is causing all this stuff to occur.

Once we start looking within and stop blaming outside factors for our circumstances, we have begun the process of empowerment. We are then able to pay attention to more of our intuitive insights, and thereby discover how we really think, and what we really believe. This is a gradual process of discovery, but each new item which presents itself is another digit to the combination which will unlock the door to our prison.

Then at some point we have the realization that we have always been free to create the lives we most desire. Now we must be clear on what it is that we really want.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

A lot of the time we do not get the things we desire because we don’t ask for what we want. We erroneously assume that we would not get them anyway so what is the use of even trying. But that is definitely not true. It is only a trap which keeps us stuck.

If we were to spend just a few minutes a day by pausing and reflecting on our current lives, and jotting down a few things of what “exactly” we desire, we will be amazed at the progress we would make. There is no limit to what we can achieve and obtain, as long as it is something that we really want.

So Do This One Thing and make it into a habit. Spend five (5) to ten (10) minutes each day adding to your list of wants and desires, as well as reviewing your list at least twice each day. Morning and evening work well for me, and if you have the time add another review around lunchtime.

This may seem like a silly process to some, but this One Habit can create the type of Growth Mindset which is based on positive belief and expectation. All leaders and successful folks write this stuff down, and some even create Dream Boards with photos and pictures of what they most desire to have. This saturates our subjective minds with words and pictures of our most “heartfelt” desires.

After doing this for a few months, you will find that you have hundreds of items on your list, and each day you will be adding things to it, as well as eliminating some which you now can clearly see are not really what you want. After a year of doing this, you will be amazed at your progress, and how many things on your list have come true.

It’s All About Waking Up

Sometime it takes a dramatic event in our lives to inspire and motivate us to awaken from our “Sleep State” of routine and mediocrity. When I think about this it reminds me of the second movie with Paul Hogan in the Crockodile Dundee series. It is the scene where a hit man comes to Mick and Sue’s high rise apartment. Mick disarms the hit man, knocks him out, and then hangs him over the balcony, tied by a rope many stories above street level. Mick then says “wakey wakey to him, and when he opens his eyes he freaks out, and is in a much better frame of mind to be cooperative. He eventually spills the beans and tells Nick where they have taken the kidnapped Sue.

So we have to find a motivator within ourselves which will inspire us to change things around a bit. It is only when we are truly sick and tired of the status quo that we will do what is necessary to make viable changes.

“I sometimes think that so much of our life takes place inside our heads – in memory or imagination or interpretation or speculation – that if I really want to change my life, I might best begin by changing my mind.”

Pico Iyer

The key here is that it is just not possible not to see significant results when we do a bit of self-searching in some quiet times which we set aside, write out our heartfelt desires, and use the gift of “repetition” to instill these desires into our subconscious minds. All that we presently observe in our lives is the result of the same process, even though most of it took place without us being aware of what was actually taking place. We all have experienced a few extremely emotionally experiences where we chose to bury the pain deep inside.

Once we begin to see things for what they really are, and not what we think they are based on our perceptual view of things, we can then awaken to our innermost desires which are just begging to be expressed. We each have a specific and unique purpose to fulfill, and when we are not pursuing that purpose we experience pain to one degree of another. Sometimes this pain is buried so deep we merely act it out in ways that just don’t make sense to us.

Expanding our Lives with our Growth Mindset Growth Mindset

We were e meant to do great things in our lives because Who we really Are is great. It is no accident we are here at this very moment. Regardless of our present degree of awareness, we have what it takes to make a positive difference in the world in a very special way.

When we recognize this, we are then willing to do what it takes to establish our growth mindset, which will propel us forward toward our goals and objectives. We quickly discover that this will require dealing with a good degree of resistance to leaving our comfort zones, and extending beyond the ways things are and have been for quite some time.

At this point our attitude is “bring it on”, no matter how uncomfortable things may get. Because to be totally honest with ourselves, things are not all that comfortable now, no matter how much we may deny this or how many distractions we create in order to keep our pain hidden.

Within our growth mindset is the realization that we have accepted the notion that there are special people out there meant to be successful, and since we were not born with their abilities and gifts, success is not for us. This is a Major Lie which has been fed to us all of our lives by both well-intentioned and not so well-intentioned folks.

If we continue to operate our lives under this false premise we will continue to sell ourselves short, and not aspire to our greatness. There are so many examples of people in every walk of life who have exceeded expectations and surpassed the accomplishments of people who were born under more ideal circumstances and with many more advantages than us. These more talented folks were surpassed by individuals with greater drive and self-discipline.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

Muhammad Ali

We all have the ability to create the kind of life which we desire, by changing around a few ideas we currently possess, so that what we are thinking on a moment-to-moment basis generates the energy and deep conviction to be our best selves at all times. No matter our current job or profession, we are able to make a positive difference right this very moment, right where we are.

Let’s spend a little time each day with the intention of creating a strong growth mindset. It is just a matter of deciding to do so, and then sticking with it even when the ride gets a bit bumpy. The person we see when we look in the mirror, is the person who is in charge, and not other people or our present circumstances.

Let us decide to reach for greatness. By consistently embracing our growth mindset, we are able to deal with any issues which arise, and we will be flexible enough to make changes in our plans as necessary. Even when we see no visible progress, we are assured that things are working themselves out in a positive way, similar to the sprouting of a seed as it prepares to emerge into the sunlight. Let us embrace the sunlight “within” ourselves.

“Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few do not. Join them.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

In Peace and Love, within the Light


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  1. Hi, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. The success that is achievable for any one  starts with the mindset and this article has been able to help identify a growth mindset and engage it. Ii has been really helpful 

  2. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and like the song goes emancipate your mind from mental slavery. We will only go as far as we will let our minds take us so let’s fill our mind with that which is positive. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Great website and I love the mind over matter things which are for me really great to learn. I suffered from a mental illness for a few years but got over it by medication and also help with training my mind again as you mentioned in your page. I loved that part of your website it was really great to read. Great Work and thanks.

    • Thanks Stephen Peter for sharing. I appreciate it very much. You have overcome much in your life and I look forward to your happiness and success moving forward. All the Best. Joseph

  4. Hi, I think you’re right, we tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the external things and blaming other people and our circumstances for the way things are in our lives but ultimately the only person who can change your life for better or worse is yourself. I remember being told this all my life but I never really grasped it until I was in my late thirties and, like you say, it was as if I’d been sleepwalking through life until then. There was no one big event that shifted my mindset, I think I just eventually grew up enough to take responsibility for my own life and concentrate on changing it for the better. Great, thought-provoking article, thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for your comments; they are much appreciated. We all reach a point in our lives when we reflect on all that has transpired up to then. It is a this moment that we can choose to see things differently. All the Best. Joseph

  5. Thanks so much for this process. It’s hard sometimes, I think especially as a wife and parent, to think in terms of hopes and dreams the same day we do when we’re young. Taking time to remember what we want outside the busy hustle of daily life helps keep our goals front-of-mind.

    • Thanks Kate for your comments. It is so important to fit in some “me” time no matter how hectic our schedule so that we can reconnect with that part of us which desires to express the gifts we were born to share with others. All the very best to you. Joseph

  6. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful article with us. We Mindset all the work we do on a regular basis. If our mind does not support anything, we cannot do it well. So what works is we have to set the mind work according to how far we want to go. When we have a mindset to do something, motivation comes to mind. So we have to set the mind before each small or big task. Growth Mindset plays an important role in our lives. From now on, I will set a Growth Mindset before doing any work and I hope to succeed in that task. I must share the article with my friend so they can keep a Growth Mindset in the works.

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    • Thanks so much for your comments and thoughts on my article. It is good to know that you found benefit from it and I look forward that you continue to progress rapidly toward your dreams and goals.   Joseph

  8. Mindset is everything. If you don’t have the right mindset, it will be hard to get anywhere in life. Believe and be optimistic!

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  9. Hi, I would like to thank you first for this article, and I would like to make an accent on the fact that you sais it’s all about awareness! It’s totally Right, we’re all copying and modeling what we’ve learned from our environment believes, values, skills, and abilities, whether it’s wrong or right. The most important is is it’s right the Awareness of that will allow us to keep going and trust the future. And also if it’s wrong, Awareness again will be our first step to correct and to change the behavior and redress our way to succeed.

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