Fresh Title & Title Analyzer Review — What’s the Deal?

Fresh Title & Title Analyzer Review Headline Generator

Name: Fresh Title & Title Analyzer

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Price: $37
Owners: Dave Guindon

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

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Product Overview

This is a software tool you can use to create headlines and titles for your content in order to increase your audience response. Quite often a responsive title can greatly increase conversions and sales, as this has been plainly shown by publishers who change the title of books while keeping the content the same.  Also, internet marketers change up the headlines on sales pages, which suddenly increases their response rate and conversions to a significant degree. 

This product includes a swipe database of more than three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) headlines which you can use “as is”, or employ their Title Analyzer to tweak the titles and headlines until you get them just right for your specific type of content and audience. It also has a built-in synonym thesaurus.

This desktop tool can be installed on up to three (3) PCs or Macs. Fresh Title has four (4) modules, plus they throw in the Title Analyzer as a bonus. See below for a more detailed description of the modules and analyzer.

This software can be used in order to create titles and headlines for forum posts, blog posts, free reports, emails, social media posts, sales letters, web page titles, articles, press releases, ads, and anything else your imagination can come up with.   

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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Save money on copywriters
  3. Generates content ideas
  4. Easy to use
  5. Since it is not web based you do not need an internet connection to use
  6. Large database of titles and headlines

The Not So Good:

  1. Will take a bit of time to get used to usubg the software effedtively
  2. There are a few upsells
  3. They may charge for future releases and major upgrades based on their discretion

Who is Fresh Title & Title Analyzer For?

It is ideal for content creators and internet marketers who desire a way to generate new ideas in their specific niches, as well as to create titles and headlines which have a higher probability of converting.

Tools & Training

Training videos are included to explain how to best utilize this software.

Fresh Title has four (4) modules:

Module #1: Title Builder — In order to maximize your results with this be very specific as to the details of what type of content you are creating. It is helpful to include the main benefit of your product or service as well as any expected results from using the product or service. You will then be given a large list of possibilities for your title or headline. This is based on the software utilizing approximately eight hundred and thirty (830) possible title and headline combinations.

Module #2: Title Swipe Bank — This is a database which includes over three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) possible headlines as well as seventy-five (75,000) email subject headlines from which for you to choose. In addition to generating viable titles and headlines for your content, this database will also inspire new ideas for your blog posts and sales pages. You merely enter a keyword and then review all the possibilities which are displayed.

Module #3: News Headlines — You are able to search what is currently trending in the news related to your specific topic. The software will search the news through Google and or Bing to come up with trending news headlines. This will increase your database of new ideas for your content and titles. Again, you just need to enter a keyword phrase to get this process in motion.

Module #4: Save “My Titles” — This makes it easy to create a list of your desired headlines and titles. You just use the “favorite tab” to save them, and you can also add a few notes about the particular headline and even give it a rating. You can then copy and paste the headlines when you are ready to use them. Another option is you can export this info to a file on your computer.

The Title Analyzer

This is software which uses four (4) data points in order to generate an overall score for your title or headline.

Data Point #1: Power Words — By using certain words, which have been found to gain attention and interest as well as to stir the emotions, it has been found to help with conversions and sales.

Data Point #2: Power Score — Your text copy is analyzed and rated as to its overall effectiveness in creating interest in your specific topic.

Data Point #3: Length Score The desired length of your headline or title has been determined to be about fifty-five (55) characters which equates to around seven (7) words. This is the so called “sweet spot”, as it is better to have titles and headlines which are short and to the point.

Data Point #4: Sentiment Score — With this score rating you are able to determine when you are using words in your headlines and titles which stir the emotions.

Once you have gathered together your scores on the various data points mentioned above, you can then use this software in order to improve your scores as needed. You get individual scores on each data point as well as an overall score.

For example, you can use the Headline Editor to tweak your title a bit to make it more relevant and appealing. This will then increase your response rates and results.

Being able to test your headlines and add a few power words here and there will give you a significant advantage.


There is a Support/Help desk where you can submit a ticket as well as browse through their KnowledgeBase for specific information related to the product.


$37 One Time Investment with no monthly fees and can be installed on a maximum of three (3) PCs or Macs.

Upgrade #1: Outsource License — $47 — With this you get ten (10) additional installs.

Upgrade #2: PublishVault — $47 or $97 dependent on whether discount is offered — This is an All-in-One Content Platform where you can publish from one central location all of your content on all your Word Press sites. Saves time if you have several blogs and/or websites.

Upgrade #3: Traffic Spy + Traffic Backdoor — $97 or $197 and again dependent on whether the discount is in play — This is additional software and training designed to increase traffic from social networks and forums.

All minor future updates are included at no cost, but occasionally they have some major updates for which they may or may not charge. If there is a charge for any future major version releases current users will qualify for a discount.

Final Thoughts

This software product will definitely help you come up with some new ideas about what to write for your various content projects, as well as generate relevant titles and headlines which are specific to your niche and audience. Like any type of software it is just a tool to assist your efforts. What is most important is how you actually apply these ideas to your specific project activity.

Fresh Title will save you money from having to hire a copywriter in order to come up with titles and headlines which convert at a higher rate than just guesswork and trial and error. It definitely can save you some time and money as well as possibly generate income quicker.

Again, this is a good tool to have in your Online Tool Kit, but as always it comes down to how well you use it to supplement your own ideas and creativity.

Of course there are upgrades, but the main product offer should be sufficient for your needs.

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Final Conclusion:  About Averate Rating

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  1. Thanks for this review! That’s cool that people put so much thought into their titles. Even analyzing them with different statistics and values. 

    37 dollars is not much for a one-time fee. For something you could have increased sales from for the rest of your life. I will keep this in mind for future reference. It will go great with my Wealthy Affiliate program. 

  2. Hi Joseph, thanks for reviewing this program. I’ve seen it previously because I always stuck to make a good and catchy title, especially since I’m not an English native. It seems good, but is there any free trial version? The one time fee is quite cheap, but I feel safer if there is a free trial version available.

  3. Hello, and thanks so much for sharing this is an amazing tool which I believe can really benefit. What I found also interesting is how changing a headline but keeping the same content can increase conversion I guess it really shows the power of a great headline.

  4. Thank you, Joseph, for this comprehensive review!
    I really didn’t know that such a tool existed. Coming up with an engaging title to all your posts takes time and effort. However, having a one-click software tool that gives you instant access to thousands of proven titles and compelling headlines for your niche is exceptional. Creating instantly convincing headlines that convert is really great!

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