Forget In Order To Remember

Okay, what do I really mean by forget in order to remember? There are a few angles here to explore that by the end of this article you may find a bit fascinating. Forget in Order to Remember -- You Got This

We are going to go a bit deep into the parts of our minds that do not get a lot of our attention since things operate on “automatic” the majority of the time. The thing to consider here is whether this kind of “automatic” thinking and doing under which we are operating is the most satisfying way to go. Let’s find out.

What Do I Need to Forget?

Well for starters, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation that we have collected over the years that is now responsible to a great extent for how we perceive things in general. In fact, our whole perceptual framework is based on faulty information.

This is the stuff that we took as fact because we trusted the sources. This may be family and friends sharing misinformation they picked up, or so-called authorities and experts dictating the way things are. Quite often it is just the way they understand things to be based on their conditioning, and at other times they have agendas that require them to misinform intentionally.

Before being indoctrinated from various directions, children have no problem questioning different sources, and always asking “why”. This would be a good habit to once again develop.

“A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.”

— Steven Pressfield —

I would say it’s time to open our hearts a bit and let in some of the wonders and miracles that we are currently denying ourselves. There is indeed much to forget. It is the “borrowed knowledge” that is not useful in getting ourselves progressing in the direction of our dreams and desires.

But when we forget, we must also replace it. We must let go of beliefs and ideas that are not serving us and replace them with more fulfilling and enlightening ideas that serve us well in the direction of health, abundance, happiness, and joy.

Now It’s Time to Remember

After we have done a bit of soul-searching and discovered exactly what we are thinking on a habitual basis, we can then “consciously” choose to keep or let go of these ideas. If we choose to keep them, it is important to question ourselves as to “why” we are keeping them. If the answer is in any way based on fear, it would be wise to reconsider our decision.

This is a sorting out process that may take some time, but that’s okay. There is no rush. We are in the process of “waking up” so this should be a joyful experience.

Why am I thinking this or that about myself, other people, and the world in general? Am I absolutely sure what I am thinking is true? Is there any frustration, anger, irritation, or guilt associated with those thoughts and ideas that I am holding on to so tightly? Continue on questioning yourself in this manner until you get some answers. Don’t be afraid of the truth. You can handle it, and you deserve to know.

Once we have exposed all these false thoughts and images, we can confront them head on, and become aware that they are paper tigers. Just ideas held in place with such emotion that they have scared the hell out of us to such an extent, that we consciously chose not to look in their direction any longer. Forget in Order to Remember -- Be Fearless Be You

This is really interesting. These ideas and beliefs are not buried deep within ourselves from which we cannot access. Many psychiatrists have made careers treating patients for decades without getting to their source. That’s because they were looking in the wrong place.

Instead of being buried deep within our subconscious, they are actually in the living room of our conscious minds. It is just that we are not looking in their direction, as our attention is focused elsewhere. It’s like looking out of your window, but not seeing the furniture behind you. It is still there, and readily available once we turn around and change our focus.

Yes, now it is time to remember.

Changing Up Our Focus

Once we realize that there is more to see than we previously thought, we can learn to consciously control our focus and attention both within and without. We are now waking up to what we think and believe, and focusing on what it is we desire to focus upon.

When we clearly see what inhabits our minds, we can let go of what is not useful. We can then choose to think the thoughts we desire to think regardless of what we see “out there”. Out there is a result of past thoughts that we did not even realize we were thinking. We are now learning “how” to think.

Just as it took time to get the results we currently experience, it will take a bit of time for the outer picture to change based on our new set of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, This is where our thoughts and emotions connect to create a whole new set of conditions in our outer world that is not based on what has already occurred.

This change of focus allows us to remember Who we really Are. At that point we are free. We are no longer confined within our self-imposed prison of false ideas and limiting beliefs. We have let go of the baggage we have been dragging around for so long, and wondering why we felt so tired and depressed.

We have accomplished what no psychiatrist with medications can ever do by treating only the symptoms, or that few therapists can get done with their hodgepodge of conflicting therapies. We have taken back conscious control of our lives and have learned “how” to think so that our thoughts are working for us, and not against us.

Having worked in the mental health field, I do see the value that psychiatrists and psychotherapists provide. But I consider most of what they do as only temporary fixes, that are needed to keep a person safe and functioning while long term measures are put into place. Any good therapist, doctor, coach, or mentor realizes that it is their job to put themselves out of business. Their prime directive is to empower their client or patient to such an extent that he or she is self-sufficient and has become their own therapist and guide.

That is what we are to remember. We are our own healer, guide, and therapist. We source our knowledge and healing from within. All anyone else can do is to guide us to this realization. Let us forget so that we can really remember Who we really Are.

Embrace your Power and Live in Joy.


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8 thoughts on “Forget In Order To Remember”

  1. You’ve really nailed it here, the way that we perceive things is brought about by the sum of all our past experiences. It does not necessarily mean that we are seeing things the way that they are. It is about challenging our beliefs and the reasoning behind them 🙂 As an addict in recovery I have had to challenge myself a lot in the last 12 years of my sobriety.

  2. Such an important concept: forgetting the misinformation. I struggle with this all the time, and when that wrong info or bad feelings from misunderstandings gets mixed in with what’s actually real and true, it can cause serious issues in my life. I’ll try to take your advice here on shifting my focus towards my future and leaving everything that troubles me in the past. Maybe in time I’ll be able to move on from false traumas. Thanks for the touching article, Joseph!

    • You’re most welcome Maria. Consistency and repetition is the key. It has taken time to get our current conditioning in place, so it will take a bit of time to restructure our minds. No different than the germination process in nature. We plant a seed and allow it to do its thing. We don’t run over and dig it up to see if things are working okay (like we do with our doubts and fears after creating our desired outcome). Be persistent in your efforts and the sun will break through the cloud cover. All the Best.

  3. Hello it sounds also like retraining the mind to be trained to get us where we need to go and by daily retraining and practing we will make that change that will cause us to see the bigger picture or things as they suppose to be.

  4. You are totally right. We are overloaded with information that at some point we don’t know whom to trust. What we see depends on or perception as you describe and I can totally agree. It is time for us to retrain our minds and start thinking differently.


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