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Five Dollar Posts Review   Facebook Ads

Name: Five Dollar Posts


Price: $37 One Time plus Upsells

Owner: Ron Douglas

Overall Rank: 68 out of 100

Product Overview

This is an online training program which was launched in September 2015. This program concentrates to teach you how to  create and manage ads on Facebook. Their promotional buzz is that you will be able to generate as many as 500 leads per day with this system.

The promotion continues to state that you can generate these leads for as low as two (.02) cents per click.

Ron Douglas created this course and his claim to fame started back in 2004 with a series of cookbooks.  He has also been involved with The Best Sellers Summit, The Publisher Academy, The Second Income Club, and several others.

Research indicates that his courses have received mixed reviews over time.  Some who were unhappy with the course have complained about having a challenge with receiving refunds on a timely basis.



The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Money Back Guarantee

2) Step-by-Step training videos

3) Training in Facebook promotion


The Not So Good:

1) Restricted to Facebook for lead generation

2) Many upgrades

3) Not an overall approach teaching All aspects of internet marketing


Who is Five Dollar Posts For?

Internet marketers looking to market primarily through Facebook.


Tools & Training

Training videos from a Six (6) week Live Training Program.

With the initial Five Dollar Posts product you will receive access to the quick start pdf as well as several videos that will help you get started with advertising your business on Facebook.

Module 1:  Account and System set-up

Module 2:  Sales Funnels set-up

Module 3:  Facebook Ads

Module 4:  Ad Analytics

Module 5:  Examples of successful and unsuccessful Campaigns



Emaill support tickets


$37 One Time Fee – By doing some online research you can find lower prices for this product.  In the past it has been found on places like the Warrior Forum. for around seventeen ($17) dollars.

One upsell page offers you additional videos and access to a private Facebook group with additional tools which assist you with ad creation and research for $77.

If you decline the upsell you are then offered just the videos for $65.

 Then you get taken over to another upsell for software which helps you mine Facebook interest groups.  This is a yearly membership.


Final Thoughts

If your desire is to get started with Facebook advertising, I would say this course has some value. Ron does go into detail with the material covered, and shows you step-by-step how to get started with Facebook ads.

One thing to take under consideratio is that the training was created back in 2015.  Obviously in the world of internet marketing much has changed since then.  Over time there are many changes and revisions to the Facebook advertising platform, and it is not certain that these changes are reflected in this training program.

Although Facebook is certainly a very good source of lead generation, in order to maximize your results, over time it is important to have a much broader approach to your branding and marketing efforts in order to generate consistent traffic for your offers.  .

It is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket and rely on only one source of internet traffic.  Also, it only takes one change in Facebook’s advertising platform to negate your current activities.

If you do choose to go with Five Dollar Posts, I would suggest to use it only as a complement to your other marketing strategies.


Final Conclusion   Product review


CLICK HERE for my Recommendation for a much more balanced and complete Online Training & Marketing Platform.  Also see comparison below.


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