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Fast Traffic Bot Review Fast Traffic Bot Review -- Traffic Generation


Name: Fast Traffic Bot Review


Price: $66.79 One Time Investment

Owners: Eric Holmlund

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

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Fast Traffic Bot Product Overview

This Fast Traffic Bot Review is assessing the value of this software automation product designed to generate organic and free traffic for your websites in any online business niche. The product’s intention is to generate leads and sales for your products and services.

This is a complete marketing suite that is set up to generate traffic. It basically automates the process of traffic generation. Since it works on an autopilot system, it continues to produce traffic and leads as long as your computer is on. You don’t have to be there working on it.

Eric Holmlund created this product. He has created other digital products and online courses such as Instant Product Engine, No Cost Income Stream, and Hot Topic Fire Sales. Evidently, he has spent over a year developing this current product which he anticipates it making a major impact in the traffic generation area. He has been around for over twenty (20) years releasing digital products. He provides advice and tips on his website,

Fast Traffic Bot was originally released on August 16th, 2017.

Now how it actually works is that it builds safelists to generate traffic and build your subscriber email lists. Safelists are closed groups agreeing to receive emails from other members of the community. Dependent on your membership level, you get to send out a certain number of emails each day. To increase the number of emails sent you either buy credits or view member emails.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. No strong technical skills needed
  2. No recurring monthly fees
  3. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  4. Multiple ways to monetize
  5. Software interface easy to navigate

The Not So Good:

  1. Takes time to learn effectively
  2. Need to analyze statistics accurately and effectively
  3. Safelists do not produce high-quality traffic
  4. Need to set up separate email accounts to accommodate the large number of emails received from other members
  5. Most of your emails are not viewed by other members
  6. No as automatic as claimed

Who is Fast Traffic Bot For?

This product is designed to increase traffic for any internet marketer or local-based business. The product is ideal for any niche to increase traffic and social engagement.


Tools & Training

Video training and a PDF are provided in the members’ area to get you started quickly.

Set up a separate email account as you will receive many emails from these safelists so you want to keep them separate from your main email account.

The Bot opens the emails and views the ads for credit. The settings can be adjusted to delete the emails after viewed and to scan the spam folder if desired. There is a setting for captchas as well (they provide two sources for captcha breakers).


Free web traffic

This feature provides traffic automatically without the expense of the paid ads.

Automation Process

Fast Traffic Bot works on complete autopilot, so it saves you both time and effort of implementing tedious and challenging tasks.

Passive Income

Fast Traffic Bot is an automated procedure using an easy-to-use app. It helps increase conversions and sales using a Bot based on a unique proprietary algorithm that builds your list with leads for many different niches.

Three (3) Step Process

1) Access — Log in and set up the system

2) Activate — run the process

3) Monitor — incoming traffic and conversions


Email support provided


$66.79 One Time Investment

Final Thoughts on Fast Traffic Bot Review

This product is designed to obtain an increased amount of free and organic traffic. You save money from outsourcing and paid traffic. It automates traffic to your website and builds your email list in order to generate income.

Without traffic, you do not have a business, but generating traffic is not easy. Whether you use SEO, social media, or paid ads, they all require either money or time, or both. So when this stuff doesn’t work it can get quite frustrating. Generating traffic efficiently is a prime concern for any business owner.

Now, this software is based on creating traffic through safelists. Safelists are entirely a numbers game with only a small fraction of the members of the group actually looking at the emails. So to gain any traction here you have to increase your number of emails to your membership group.

To make this work you have to sign up for several safelists spending time or money to get your numbers up. Eric does provide an extensive video tutorial that outlines how to install, configure, and use the bot to send traffic to your website.

Safelists do not provide quality traffic. You will get clicks but few leads or sales. It is a time-consuming effort, and in my opinion, there are much more reliable ways to generate “quality” leads specific to your niche. I consider products like these average at best.

On the other hand, for those with a lot of patience and who are willing to put in the time and effort to log in to several safelists on a daily basis and send out your emails, you may see some degree of success. New versions of this bot need to be downloaded as they are released which is also time-consuming.

The sales page indicates that the creators of Fast Traffic Bot use it for their own online business. I find this rather hard to believe. Experienced online marketers who are generating significant incomes do not drive traffic from safelists. For brand new internet marketers, this may be an okay way to get started generating some traffic to their sites to build their email lists and get a few conversions, but it is not a long-term approach to scaling successful businesses.

Finally, although the sales promotion for this product claims that it produces automatic traffic, it is quite evident that when you use this product the traffic is not automatic at all. There are many both free and paid ways to generate quality leads that are specific to your niche through social media and ads. I consider this product average at best.

To your success,

Joseph William

P.S. For a completely online platform that provides both training and earning capacity here is my #1 Recommendation.

Final Conclusion on Fast Traffic Bot ReviewFast Traffic Bot Review -- Average

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Fast Traffic Bot Review -- Online Marketing

10 thoughts on “Fast Traffic Bot Review”

  1. Thank you for your honest conclusion about Fast Traffic bot. I like the concept. But I don’t like that it’s not as automated as they claim it to be. I am constantly searching for good platforms that make my work more efficient. Outsourcing and paid trafic could become quite expensive. I hope I find a better alternative to Fast Traffic Bot.

    • You’re welcome, Ann. Writing high-quality content and developing good basic SEO skills will greatly increase your traffic over time. In the mean time JVs, large and small, work well as well as a few guest posts here and there.

  2. I have not come across Fast Traffic bot before, so thank you for this review. Traffic to any website is indeed very important, but I am very skeptical that this software is efficient enough. At the end of the day you want traffic that converts. If this bot works with safelists, and safelists do not bring quality traffic, I don’t think it is worth it. 

    You mention that it works when your computer is on, even if you are not working on the computer. It would be interesting to know what happens when the computer goes into “sleep” mode when you are not active on it.

    • Thanks Line. Appreciate your comments. There are really no shortcuts to building a long-term profitable sustainable business that is scalable over time. An investment of time, energy, and money is what it takes. All the Best.

  3. Thank you for posting this great information! Traffic is the bane of our existence, is it not?  We want traffic and we want it now!! 😉 I think everyone has fallen into this trap at least once trying to build up traffic to our site.  It would seem that this a platform of people looking for traffic.  I’m glad you pointed out that this is low-quality traffic and I think Google is onto this kind of thing anyway, isn’t it?  There is certainly no fast track to traffic!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Cynthia. Appreciate it much. No shortcuts but good quality content with good SEO strategies go a long way over time. Success is a long-term investment. Overnight wonders are very far and in bestween. All the best.

    • Thanks for your comments Norman. With enough time and persistence, it can get this to work, but safelists aren’t the best way to go. Good SEO with quality content will be much more sustainable over time. All the Best.

  4. Thanks for sharing Joseph, I’ve personally used a couple of Safelists now. I think Herculist is the one I prefer but be warned about setting this up with your personal email address. This is all I say had to totally wipe my Hotmail of everything because in the end it was just filled with emails from this safelist. Think they can work if your persistent enough plus also much cheaper than Solo Ads


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