Explaindio Review

Explaindio Review

Name: Explaindio 3.0

Website: Explaindio.com

Price: $59.00/year Personal; $69/year Commercial

Owners: Cult Media

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


Explaindio Product Overview

Software which makes animated or explainer videos. They can be made in cartoon styles or whiteboard. It is a complex piece of software, so it will take some time to learn.

It is only available on a yearly purchase plan. Updates are available throughout the year, but not upgrades.

This product was introduced in 2014 and has a wide customer base.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1) Inexpensive compared to others on the market

2) Ability to import your own files

3) Precision control of elements

4) Timeline is flexible

5) An assortment of pre-made animated scenes

6) Has tutorials and a FAQ


The Not So Good:

1) Not so easy to use as it has a complex interface

2) Has FAQ & tutorials but email response slow

3) Takes good amount of time to make videos

4) Poor audio function

5) Interface is unintuitive which makes it crowded and not easy to use

6) The free media library is limited


Who is Explaindio For?

Primarily for internet marketers. For non-business groups or education there are more viable alternatives available but probably more expensive.

Tools & Training


Personal License

  • Explaindio 3 Software
  • 200 Pre-Done Animated Scenes
  • 800 Doodle Sketch Images
  • 100 Full HD Background Videos
  • 6 Animated Characters
  • 300+ Font
  • Background Audio Tracks

Commercial License

  • Explaindio 3 Software
  • 200 Pre-Done Animated Scenes
  • 800 Doodle Sketch Images
  • 100 Full HD Background Videos
  • 6 Animated Characters
  • 300+ Font
  • Background Audio Tracks
  • Can Sell Videos

With this versatile tool you are able to utilize elements in many styles such as 3D figures and images, whiteboard, or preset. The interface is set up as drag and drop.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Create marketing or explainer videos

2) Export your completed project in different formats

3) In a single project you can use several file types or styles

4) Can use your own media or access their library

Once you purchase you are able to download the program in the back office.



Offer tutorials and a FAQ page, but their email response time is slow.



Sold on a yearly basis with no free trials. Must renew each year. Personal Version: $59/year and the Commercial Version: $69/year


My Final Thoughts of Explaindio

While this is definitely a useful tool it exaggerates, its features in its advertising. For example, while there are plenty of tools to create animated videos, there is not enough material on audio and 3D so you need to spend additional money on more resources to use this software effectively.

But compared to other products on the market the price is very inexpensive. Although cheaper, you don’t have the price flexibility of testing the software without paying, or just purchasing it for a couple of months.

It is not easy to use. It takes a lot of time and practice given that the interface is layered and important tools are hidden behind others.

The bottom line is if your marketing requires animated videos, Explaindio is a tool with plenty of options that will get the job done. The software has very good canvas, timeline, and editing features. Its drawbacks are in the areas of audio and 3D.  This will take quite awhile to learn, but your end result will be a high quality video for a reasonable price.


Final Conclusion:   product review



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