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Email Jeet 2 ELITE Review Email Jeet 2 Elite Review - Desktop Email Marketing

Name: Email Jeet 2 Elite


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Price: $37 One Time Investment
Owners: Cyril Gupta and Radu Hahaianu of Teknikforce

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a desktop autoresponder which allows you to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing and list building. What this does is allow you to automatically import your emails without a double opt-in process, and then send out your emails. There are no restrictions on importing your list (s). You can import your subscribers with a CSV file or a text file.

It is also promoted as being able to increase your delivery and open rates.

It connects to any SMTP such as SendGrid,, Mailgun, and Mailjet. In addition, it has its own built-in STMP server so you can send out your emails without any third-party SMTP. It is easy to set up the SMTP connections, and you can quickly send out your emails. You can also use your host’s SMTP if you desire.

This is a one-time fee without any monthly charges that you would normally get with your more standard autoresponders.  There are upgrades though.

Cyril Gupta is a well-respected product developer and marketer. He has created several good software products over the years.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. No monthly fees
  2. Easy to install
  3. Avoid double opt-in process when importing your list( s)
  4. Send emails from your desktop
  5. More flexibility in your email marketing campaigns
  6. Able to test segments of your list
  7. Access to free SMTP and low-cost SMTP services that charge per email sent

The Not So Good:


  1. There are upgrades
  2. Can’t add a single subscriber so you can only add emails by importing lists
  3. You cannot use your own templates. Templates are provided but the text you write doesn’t show up on the Preview. You need to create an HTML mail and upload it as a template for your text to show.
  4. Mail shows up as “sender” and not your name
  5. Unable to mail non-openers again
  6. You can only broadcast and not set up an autoresponder series which begins when people sign up on the opt-in form
  7. Unable to tag subscribers
  8. List management not as good as promoted
  9. The only SMTP is free. All other options are paid services

Who is Email Jeet 2 Elite For?

Internet marketers who promote their products and services through email marketing.

Tools & Training

There are a series of tutorial included with your purchase.

Here’s the set-up:

1) Install the product on your computer

2) Upload your list (s)

3) Begin mailing whenever you desire

Check out this video to get a visual view of what this is all about:

Import Lists — no need to the double opt-in process. Can immediately import any of your lists. You can mail to multiple lists as well as segments of lists.

List Building — code is provided for an opt-in form so that you can use it to build your list through social media, blogs, or other websites.

List Management — handles multiple lists, mail scheduling, mail personalization, unsubscribes, and has built-in opt-in forms.

Sending and Scheduling — you are able to send your emails immediately or schedule them for a later date, as well as schedule based on the desired time zone. You can also monitor your sending speed and only send out on a limited basis so that you comply with different hosting servers that only allow so many emails per hour.

WYSIWYG Editor — this is a built-in editor which makes it simple to format your emails.

List Cleaning — an easy process to remove bad email addresses and bounced emails. It also makes it easy for people to unsubscribe, and you can also unsubscribe emails as desired.

Reports on Click and Open Rates — reports are provided which detail your open and click rates.

Monitor your Spam Score Analysis — using the SpamAssassin algorithm you can monitor your spam score. The lower the better.


You can submit a Support Ticket here:


$37 One Time Payment — there are upgrades as well

Final Thoughts

For beginners in the internet marketing realm, this product can most definitely simplify the email marketing process. It is a low price one-time payment which enables a person to get started list building and sending out emails immediately. Once your business grows you are then able to export your list (s) to a more sophisticated autoresponder.

I doubt very much if experienced internet marketers are using this product in their email marketing campaigns. I would be interested to see if the creators of this product are using it for their own email promotions and campaigns. You will probably discover that your more successful marketers will promote this product, but not use it themselves. Most experienced marketers may use it as an emergency backup, if at all.

Also, it is promoted as no monthly fees, no import restrictions, and no downtime. Well, only SMTP is free, as all others are paid services. This software itself does not send the emails. You get charged either per email or on a monthly basis. Dependent on how emails you send, you can end up paying more than by using a more standard autoresponder service. If you are sending emails to your list (s) on a consistent basis, you are then effectively paying a monthly fee.

The free option is to send through SMTP on your own host/server. The catch here is since this product operates on your desktop and not on the web, there is no unsubscribe function built-in. The only way the unsubscribe function kicks in is on a default basis through one of the paid services such as SendGrid. So in reality this free option is not Spam Compliant. This is definitely not a good way to go.

Now let’s discuss a bit the “no restrictions on importing” part of this. Since you are running this software on your own computer you can import any list you want with no restrictions. But this is the only way to get a list onto your software since there is no API integration. Since this software is desktop and not web-based, you have to use a third-party software to save your sign-ups. Also, the list management with this software is not as good as stated, and when relying on third party integration there is no way you can guarantee no downtime.

So although this product simplifies the process for beginners, it is important to be aware of its drawbacks, and what you are actually paying for if you decide to use it. I consider this product average at best, but I am going to go with “Not So Good” on this one and give it a 50% rating. The developers have made improvements with their latest version, but it is still not as good as promoted.

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Final Conclusion Email Jeet 2 Elite Review

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20 thoughts on “Email Jeet 2 Elite Review”

  1. Like you said, this might be a good option for those starting out, but once you start to get more traffic it’s time for an upgrade. I do like the one-time fee, which you don’t see very much with these kind of services, but it also seems to come with too many limitations. Thanks for your honest review as I think it has helped me make the decision to look elsewhere for email marketing help. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks Steve. I appreciate your comments. At this point I stick with traditional autoresponders for my current needs. All the Best.

  2. I am very grateful for this product information. Today being the first time i heard about it, i love the way you have given detailed information, the good and the not so good side of it. I also appreciate the info on how to install and operate it. My company have been looking for a desktop auto responder for so long and i think this is a good one to give a trial.Its features are very interesting and could be very helpful for me and my company. I also wish to share this on my social media platforms with your permission so as to educate others they could find it helpful as i did.

    I would love to know if this product works well on all kinds of websites. Thanks for this piece information and i hope you continue to write more like this from your heart.

    • Thank you very much for your comments and please do share my article. Thank you. I look forward to your success in your marketing efforts. All the Best.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such a great article among us. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about Email Jeet 2 Elite. I think the Email Jeet 2 Elite is useful. Email marketers and list building users need the Email Jeet 2 Elite. Email Jeet 2 Elite is a great way to send emails. I think this article is helpful for every Email marketers and list builders. I need it. Your article was very helpful. Thanks for presenting beautifully. I’m so impressed.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about Email Jeet 2 Elite. Thanks.

  4. Great topic. This review about Email Jeet 2 Elite is very detailed as it provide the in depth information which is essential for the people who wish to become online entrepreneurs. Email Jeet 2 Elite is one of the programs that helps beginners earn money online but is not a best program in the market. 

    I really like your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate, in fact Wealthy affiliate is the most appropriate program for all people who have dreams of becoming successful online entrepreneurs. Thank you for sharing. Best regards


    • Thanks so much for your comments on this. I appreciate them very much. All the Best in your marketing efforts.

  5. Certainly a review worth reading, so I thank you for that. I’ll be honest here, as yet I’ve not even begun to compile an email list. It is something that I look into, every now and then but without really concentrating my efforts on actually starting one. One of the issues I have, is when it comes down to which ‘autoresponder’ to use.

    Obviously cost is important and compared to most this is in the low price bracket. That said, it is very restricted in what you can do with just the basic set up. I then wonder if I would actually need anything more than SMTP, probably not at this stage.

    In truth, most of the description of what it can do, went over my head. I just need something that is very simple and user friendly. You create a list and then periodically send a message to those email addresses on that list. I would need a system that allowed for different templates and a way of categorising the original emails. That would do me.

    • Thanks for your comments. At this point I stick with traditional autoresponders in my marketing efforts as I think that is best in the long run. All the Best.

  6. Hi Joseph
    Thank you for this interesting review. I am with AWeber and think I shall remain with them for now. This is quite a competitive market so worth knowing about the different autoresponders. My gut with this one is not good, particularly from a spam perspective – I err on the side of caution with that.

  7. I was curious as to how this stood up to GetResponse. I’ve always used GetResponse for all my email marketing. I did plenty of research at that time (5 years ago) and I’m still a big fan. No restrictions and it’s got many more advanced features available to me as I grow my business. I like your honest review and the fact that there was no obvious signs of bias in your article. A big plus! Thank you for this great information.

    • Thanks Anne. I would stick with Get Response as it has more functions and is much more reliable. I also have used Get Response and have found it to be a quality autoresponder. All the Best.

  8. I bought the first version (Email Jeet v.0) when we just started. That was in 2004. It was buggy. I felt that it was understandable since it was a product-under-progress. They eventually did an update on the software but it still had limitations. I thought it might be worthwhile to support the new guy in business.

    I’m glad that the product has a version 2 Elite now. I did not know about it since I never received any upgrade offer (free or otherwise). Anyways thanks for taking time to write this review. I think I’ll pass for now…

  9. I bought the first version (Email Jeet v.0) when we just started. That was in 2014. It was buggy. I felt that it was understandable since it was a product-under-progress. They eventually did an update on the software but it still had limitations. I thought it might be worthwhile to support the new guy in business.

    I’m glad that the product has a version 2 Elite now. I did not know about it since I never received any upgrade offer (free or otherwise). Anyways thanks for taking time to write this review. I think I’ll pass for now…


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