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DropGecko Review DropGecko Review - eCommerce

Name: DropGecko

Website: DropGecko.com

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Price: $47 One Time Investment
Owners: Cindy Donovan — RTB Solution
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is a cloud-based platform that allows you to build eCommerce stores without hosting fees. This piece of software is designed to save you time and money in setting up your eCommerce business.

It includes third-party software integration, and the sites are set up with auto pricing. The site is fully hosted as a subdomain, but you can also set up your own domain if you prefer.

The creator of this product is Cindy Donovan. I did a prior review of one of her products called Virtual Loop 2.0 a few months back. Some of her other products are Pixly Prod and SociJam which I also reviewed. She has several products on JV Zoo and is one of their top sellers.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) day money-back guarantee
  2. Easy to set up and easy to use
  3. Integrated with numerous product suppliers in any niche
  4. Good looking cloud-based store
  5. Choose your own profit margins with a recommendation if needed
  6. Chrome extension simplifies the fulfillment and delivery process

The Not So Good:

  1. Upgrades

Who is DropGecko For?

This product is for those who are into eCommerce or who want to set up a store to sell their affiliate products or digital downloads.

Tools & Training

Here is a short video which shows you how to set up your own domain for your DropGecko eCommerce Store:

There are demo videos on the dashboard of this product which lead you through the setup process. It is just a matter of choosing a niche (products are then selected for that niche), setting up your store with the products you want to market (you get all available sizes, styles, and colors and you get recommendations on what to charge based on current offerings), and then go live with your site and deliver a product as needed (money goes directly to your PayPal or other accounts and the Chrome extension places the order with your wholesaler). Also, included are some tips on getting traffic to your store such as using Facebook.

Here are a few of the Features:

  • Your Choice of Designs — you can choose between five (5) designs and then have a few options with your header design as well. For an upgrade, you get five (5) more designs as well as discounted prices on additional designs.
  • Payment Gateway — can connect to your PayPal account. With upgrades have additional choices such as Stripe, 2CO, Braintree, and a few others. The customer then stays on your site for upsells after purchase.
  • Retargeting — you can add a retargeting pixel to extend the reach of your offer to your selected audience
  • Shipping Options — it’s your choice whether the shipping is free or paid. Free would be at your expense. If you upgrade you can offer Shippo where your buyers can then pickup their product at various locations.
  • Blog — once your store is set up it includes a blog that is SEO optimized.
  • Good Selection of Products — you can add up to five hundred (500) products with the import function. You can get them from a variety of sources such as AliExpress. With an upgrade, you can add additional products.
  • Browser Extension — this notifies you when you make a sale through their email system, and you then place the order with your wholesaler providing them with shipping details.
  • Margin Manager — here is where you choose the price at which you want to sell your product by determining a percentage or dollar amount above the wholesale price. You determine your profit.
  • Domain Name — you have the option of using a subdomain or using your own domain name. The video I provided above shows you how to set up your own domain.
  • Choice of Product Types — in addition to drop shipping you can also offer affiliate products as well as digital downloads. This is all setup in your administration dashboard.
  • Sales Boosters — with the standard account you get three (3) of these types of sales enhancements such as buy button flips, cart expiry timers, countdown timers, etc. With an upgrade to their Pro Account, you get their full library of sales enhancers which is about fifteen (15).


The link below will take you to their Knowledgebase page where you can look up information as well as submit a Support Ticket if you prefer.



The front end product sells for $47 as a one-time investment.

Now for the Upgrades: you can get additional features with the Pro Version which I mentioned above, as well as paying extra for a newsletter service, a reseller license, and an agency license.

Pro Version — includes more designs, more sales boosters (embed videos, currency switcher tool, customized call to action buttons, geographic IP recognition, live traffic count, and others), ability to create coupon codes, Google Marketplace integration, Viral Referral Program built-in, more products, autoresponder integration, and Facebook Marketplace integration.

eComm Newsletter Service — this is an annual subscription where you can have your leads emailed targeted offers which send them back to your store

Agency License — this allows you to create and flip ten (10) new stores each month

Reseller License — you can make money promoting this software product

Final Thoughts

For those into eCommerce, this can definitely save you some setup time, and it does offer some viable features. Again, I am not a fan of upgrades, and there are a few within this offer. But this product does eliminate a lot of the upfront work needed to set up a store, such as sourcing products and handling deliveries.

This SaaS (software as a service) software simplifies the dropshipping process. The key is it saves you tremendous time in setting things up. You still have to promote your store so you will invest both time and money in the marketing of your site.

The step-by-step tutorials are very helpful in getting things going. Cindy Donovan does have a good reputation in the marketplace. Without the upgrades the upfront price is reasonable, and you do have a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee. The key here is if drop shipping is something you want to do as far as an online business is concerned, this can be a helpful tool. Although as I also mentioned, you can also set up your store and sell affiliate and digital products as well.

To your Success,


Final Conclusion: DropGecko Review - Good

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DropGecko Review -- Online Marketing


10 thoughts on “DropGecko Review”

  1. Good review of an intriguing product.  I have been thinking about getting into ecommerce but haven’t pulled the trigger because I hear you need more start-up capital than I have, so I’m in the wait and see mode on that.  But I can see how not having to pay exorbitant set up costs would be something special, and the price of $47 seems really reasonable.  

    • Thanks for your comments John. This can be a useful tool but to establish yourself in eCommerce over time in a stable fashion will require an investment of both time and money. All the Best.

  2. Even providing a SEO optimised blog, I’d say that In terms of ranking in search engines, hosting your store/website under a sub-domain, it’s not well seen by Google, Bing nor Yahoo. However it still a good toolbox for “e-Commercers”.

    Something very attractive of DropGecko is the $47 One Time Investment. Since online marketing might be new for a bunch of people, spending such amount of money to have a store up and running online is such a big deal.

  3. The Dropgecko review you have given shares a great deal of information to start a drop shipping business. The video gives you a good guided set up process. The price without the upgrades is pretty reasonable. I agree with you that this is a good program to get into and your post will help others to achieve this. 

  4. Great review on this program, the first time that I have heard of this system but what has been said will help you to get ahead with so many of the listed benefits that will make your job a lot easier.


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