Domainer Elite Pro Software Review

Domainer Elite Pro Software Review Domain Flipping

Name: Domainer Elite PRO Software

Price: $67 One Time Investment with Upsells
Owner: Jamie Lewis
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is all about flipping domains. This is an improved version over the initial release of this product. Domainer Elite was launched in January 2016. Within this product are the key strategies which Jamie Lewis, the product’s creator, uses himself to flip domains as well as websites.

Jamie Lewis has established himself as an absolute expert in this area of the online world. He has earned substantial income with the exact techniques which he teaches within this product.

Included in the product is plenty of training as well as custom software which is specifically created to locate valuable domains which you can then sell for a profit. There are numerous training videos within the training area to lead you step-by-step through this course.

The product contains software, training, resources, and detailed instruction on how to locate desirable domains, and then flipping or selling them for a profit.

You learn how to sell domains properly, and most importantly how to locating the types of domains that will be in high demand in the marketplace. The course leads you through the process of first finding the domains, purchasing them, and then posting them for sale.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) Get training from an expert in this field who has actually made money doing this

2) Fourteen (14) day Money Back Guarantee

3) With the upgrades you really get a business-in-a-box ready to go

4) There are continual updates to keep improving the product

5) Support is good especially with the upgrades

6) Content of the video training is good as the concepts and ideas are explained in a clear and concise way

7) Jamie Lewis is well-versed expert in this field who is passionate about what he does

8) Good supplementary resources

The Not So Good:
1) The training videos within this course are not organized very well and not the best quality (low production value)

2) It takes a good amount of time to learn and apply this system properly

3) Requires upgrades to get the full benefit of this course

4) Too many expensive upsells

5) Lots of competition from others in the domain world

6) Very tedious work

7) Not entirely clear on process of transferring domains to a new owner

8) Only focuses on Go Daddy and Flippa and ignores the other available sites

Who is Domainer Elite PRO Software For?

This product is for people who are genuinely interested in learning how to successfully flip domains at a profit, and desire to make this a major part of their income streams since it does require time and dedication to make this work. This knowledge is also transferable to flipping websites as well.

Tools & Training

A series of training videos and written instructions in the members’ area.

Custom software designed to locate available and expired domains

You get Three (3) listings on the Domainer Elite Marketplace

What you will learn:

  • teaches you how to sell nine ($9) dollar domain for a profit
  • how to properly value a domain
  • point-and-click strategies which are user-friendly
  • find and sell domains in any niche market
  • how to locate domains valued at thousands of dollars and acquire them for less than a hundred ($100) dollars and sometimes even for less than ten ($10) dollars
  • get more than twenty (20) niche word lists
  • be able to view Jamie Lewis on video training students
  • learn how to sell these domains for maximum profit
  • have access to a domain listing template
  • get access to Jamie’s broker network
  • learn how to set-up a cash site on a domain

More info on the back office:

In the Members Area

Here you can access all the training videos and other available resources.

One thing to note is that on the left side of the page where it says Resources, some of these are upgrades as well as third party resources.

Instructional Videos

An introduction to the basic principle of flipping domains.

Video 1 – Domainer Elite Basics

This video is about thirty-six(36) minutes where it takes you through the process of finding domain names as they become available.

Then you are led through a system of purchasing domains from GoDaddy. You are provided with some ideas for finding lists for potential domain names. Then there is a brief introduction to using the bulk domain search function which helps in your search for domains.

Finally, you are then made aware of a membership site called EstiBot, which provides Droplists in excel format. These are lists of the latest domains available on the market. You can use this to research expired domains as well as the domains for auction on GoDaddy.

Video 2 – Let’s Sell Some Domains

This is an eleven (11) minute video of how to sell domain names on various sites, such as,, and The majority of the instructional time is on

You learn about Domains, Starter Sites, and Established Sites. Flippa has a listing fee of $9 per site, and the guidelines for setting up reserve and starting prices, and creating titles and descriptions for the domains are discussed.

Video 3 – Domainer Elite Presentation #1

This is a five (5) minute upsell for the Domainer Elite Software program. This is designed to automate the domain flipping process.

Video 4 – Domain Name Sale for $5,000

A four (4) minute video of a case study of purchasing a domain name for nine ($9) dollars and selling it for five thousand ($5,000) dollars. This took a few months to do and it seems he got really lucky in the process.

Video 5 – A Quick Case Study for a $36 sale

Another four (4) minute video of a case study to prove you can do this stuff.

Video 6 – Domaining Research Trick

This is the last video of this section lasting thirteen (13) minutes). He figured out how to set reserve and starting prices for the domains which he was selling on He mentions that using EstiBot isn’t always reliable for the estimated prices, and he shows you another way.

Then he shows how to use other sites to determine the sale value of similar domains that have recently been sold and the age of your domain or site.

Private Mastermind Class

The Private Mastermind Class has four (4) videos lasting about ninety (90) minutes. These are more informative than the previous videos.


Support can be reached on the Contact Link on the website or directly at:


$67 One Time Payment


1) $47 one time payment (when on special or usually $97 per month) for unlimited listings in Domainer Elite Marketplace

2) $147 one time payment — allows access to Tuesday and Wednesday live webinars which last three (3) to five (5) hours, when Jamie answers questions from the attendees. Jamie also increases your knowledge of the domain business by providing lessons and exercises. These webinars have been going on since 2011.

3) $497 one time payment — with this upgrade you get a model and road map of Jamie’s entire business

4) $997 one time payment — Jamie works with you to create your own custom website for this domain flipping business. You receive the following:

  • work directly with Jamie and his team
  • all ingredients of a web-based business
  • site set up using PayPal or Clickbank
  • professional copywriting
  • hands-on tech support
  • traffic strategies
  • complete customized website
  • custom domain name and logo
  • access to the PSDs (Photoshop Documents) to your graphics and documents to all copy so that it may be edited if desired
  • personal assistance in setting up traffic campaigns

Final Thoughts

For those interested in spending the time and effort to make this type of business a good part of their income stream, this product has all the information and support that you need. In order to get the maximum benefit from this it is necessary to invest in the upgrades, and make to total commitment to learning and applying these skills.

On the other hand, if you are a self-starter and don’t require continual support, you can effectively make this business work with just the front-end offer. This will vary per person.

Flipping websites and domains can be a very profitable venture when you know what you are doing. That’s why I emphasize that to make this work effectively you really need to enjoy doing something like this, as well as enjoy the learning process.

Jamie Lewis is an expert in this field and he has been updating and improving this product for years. It does take time to get through all the videos and learn how to execute the finding and then selling of these properties.

Here’s another reason why I said that you have to be committed, dedicated, and passionate about this type of business to get the most out of it, because although you can make good money doing this, there is a lot of competition from those doing the same thing. The majority of logical domains have already been purchased and are being held.

So the key to success here is you have to be avid and diligent in following the droplists of the domains which are re-entering the market. And you have to be fast on the draw in picking them up before someone else gets to them. Since these lists show up at 2 AM, it pays to be a night person in order to acquire the best domains.

You really do get some good information here for selling websites and domains, but it is rather poorly presented. If this is what you really want to do, you will definitely learn the basics here.

Final Conclusiton About Average

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May you enjoy your Flipping away,


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  1.  This is just  brilliant I for one never dream of having me own    Domain name  So even at home you can do some work  so no early retirement  This  is very interested nice work  hope that a lot more can get this Chance that we get  to stay home after retirement and  do some online business you are doing great thanks for sharing 

  2. Flipping domains is profitable I have heard of persons making money from this, in fact, I heard of a person who flip their domain and made two hundred thousand dollars which is really amazing. Your post is really great and will help those who want to make domain flipping their business.

    • Thanks for your comments Norman. Yes, for those who have a sincere interest in this type of profit model will be willing to spend the time and investment to learn how to properly do this type of flipping. It does take a commitment and consistent effort like anything else.


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