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Price: $47 for basic plan

Owners: Daniel Anton

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


Product Overview

This is basically an automated tool, a SEO Marketing System, which is used to increase the ranking of your targeted keywords. It is designed to increase your click through rate (CTR) and lower your bounce rate as well.

There is no need to install any software as this is a web-based service.

You are paying for a service which mimics real users in the Google search engine. Proxies are used to give Google the impression that many thousands of people are searching for your keywords, and then clicking on your link in the SERPS, while spending significant time on your page.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Money back guarantee

2) Web-based system

3) Optimizes CTR and Bounce Rate

4) Easy to use


The Not So Good:

1) Long term results unknown

2) Subject to fluctuations of search engine algorithms

3) Too many unanswered questions

4) Only a temporary fix

5) Questionable tactics


Who Is For?

Internet marketers looking to increase rankings of their keywords.

Tools & Training & Features

Utilizes SmartRank ™ Innovation

Advanced Algorithm determines present keyword position in Google, then the overall search volume for this keyword.

Enhance Browse Rankings

Lets Google Know To Rank Your Website Higher.

Powered by the CROWD

Unique IPs/

No Bounces

Set ideal time to spend on your site.

Twitter Retweets & Favorites

Set Daily Drip Fed Retweets and Favorites to your campaigns on Auto-pilot.

Built in Daily Keyword Tracking

Track Your Keyword Rank Motion Directly within your control panel.

Designed for Google SERPS




$47 for 2500 Credits

$97 for 6500 Credits

$197 for 18,000 Credits

Final Thoughts

Really don’t see this as a legit approach to increase rankings. The whole premise here is to increase your CTR and Dwell Time from Google and in result you will rise in ranks.

Using CTR as a ranking signal for search rankings has never been confirmed by Google. That may be because it can be easily manipulated. This program’s main promotion is their ability to manipulate search results.

Since Google’s main intent is to get the best search results for the user, it seems like CTR will influence rankings, but its overall impact is questionable as a ranking factor because it can be manipulated so easily. Google has many defenses in place to prevent manipulation, so any impact received by using this service would only be minimal at best. How significantly clicks and queries influence rankings remains a mystery within the Google universe.

These type of tactics can endanger your long-term SEO strategies. You never know what is down the road with Google updates and changes in their algorithm.


Final Conclusion    Product review


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  1. Great review of this program but when you look at the cons it sort to having you thinking is this program really worth the investment. I believe that the cons put a big damper on this system that most if not all persons would stay away.


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