Creating A Retirement Income

Unless you work for, or have worked for, a government entity during your career, there is a very high probability that you do not have a traditional pension. Your 401-K or other investments may or may not be sufficient to supplement your social security entering retirement. Creating a retirement income to supplement what is currently in place is a high priority for many people today.   Retirement Income

In order to create a stable income at this point in time which will provide long term benefits, there are a few guidelines which we need to put in place. When creating a lifetime income stability is the key.

What Happened To All The Pension Funds

Here’s a brief history of how we all got to this current place which has created many retirement challenges. Regardless of one’s current age, even if your are in your 20s or 30s, this information is extremely relevant to your current and future financial choices and decisions.

According to Doug Warren, author of The Synergy Effect, “Baby boomers are the primary mice used in the great 401(k) experiment.” In another post I will outline in a little more detail the importance of self-educating ourselves on our investment decisions. I am not giving any advice, but encouraging awareness so that you can make informed decisions.

The 401(k) came about in 1984 which allowed us to take part in the stock market with tax-deductible contributions. But here’s the kicker. The 401(k) was never meant to be the only retirement plan. This social experiment is now seeing many retirees attempting to retire with this retirement source and social security, which is not sufficient to produce the same income as when working.

When the 401(k) was put in place it was designed as a loophole for highly paid executives to be able to save more money, but it didn’t take long for companies to realize that could get rid of the cost of traditional pensions. This resulted in the employees assuming the cost and risk.    Self-directed Financial Planning

Since stocks were doing well during this time, employees embraced the opportunity for greater gains. So we went from a system of defined benefits with the pension, which was an income for life, to a less expensive option for employers with the 401(k).

On the surface having more control of our investment decisions looked good, but this does require us to have sufficient knowledge and ability to consider the best investment choices which will generate sufficient returns to fund our retirement. This is not easy when holding down a full-time job.

Also, with the 2008 financial crisis many folks took a big hit on their 401(k) balances. So it is not a surprise that many folks retiring today are having a challenge.

Current Options

In a previous post called The Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis I provided some ideas and resources on how to manage when retirement income is not sufficient. This can be helpful in handling some challenges.

Also in my post Make Money After Retiring I provided a few more ideas of how to earn some extra bucks.   Step-by-Step Planning

But in this post I want to encourage those of you who are inspired to create a online income. This can be done utilizing your current interests and skills to provide valuable knowledge and help to others. It is quite gratifying earning money while serving others with valuable products and services.

As many of us have experienced, you can spend a lot of time and money learning the basics of online marketing. In order to shortcut this it is ideal to have a complete training program all in one place at a reasonable price. This greatly increases your opportunity for success.

Go to this link on creating a passive income through establishing a profitable online business. Once you learn the basics you are well on your way to establishing a lifetime income. There is no cost to test drive this system. In fact, you can go here and set up a Free Website.

Once you get a better understanding of the potential of this, you will most likely want to gain additional information and resources which are very reasonably priced. Go here for my Review of this Training Platform.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he relates how he found meaning in work by observing his father: “My earliest memories of my father are of seeing him work at his desk and realizing he was happy. I did not know it then, but that was one of the most precious gifts a father can give his child.” [pages 298-299]

This is the true meaning of my work as the Un-Retired Entrepreneur. I enjoy the various projects in which I am involved in business and human services so much that I have no desire to retire. I am here to assist anyone who would like to embrace their true talents and skills and create a business which will not only be creating a retirement income, but a way to make a positive difference in the lives of others with valuable products and/or services.

Check out my article on Baby Boomers and Marketing for a few more insights as to how to go about this.

This is a journey and not an event. In addition to supplementing your current income, you will have a way to express your true values and abilities and contribute to the greater welfare of many people.

Let me know whenever I can be of assistance in any way. I am personally dedicated through my writings, businesses, and community work to empower others to learn to trust themselves so that they live Authentic Lives which produce the results which they desire. This results in greater joy and prosperity.

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10 thoughts on “Creating A Retirement Income”

  1. Great article Joseph, very interesting facts and links to additional information.
    Talking about your suggestion, it is really good and a very honest and legit way to create a business online, not one of the usual scams out there, so Kudos for that!

  2. It is good to know that there is help for persons that have not put aside some nest egg so to speak for those golden years. what you are sharing is really awesome and will help so many people.

    • Thanks Norman for your kind words. Many people can be helped with the right knowledge and opportunity. It is never too late for anyone regardless of age. We can all be inspired to find our passion and share our true gifs with others.

  3. I agree Joseph! I’ve just turned 65 and truly enjoying the retirement. Why? Because I started two and a half years ago pursuing exactly what you are talking about. I just had a $2000+ month with my online business and I learned everything wih the folks you recommend! It would be foolish to not at least try it since it doesn’t cost anything. Keep up the great articles! I’ll be back!

    • Thanks for your comment Grant. You are a wonderful role models for others and will continue to affect people positively. All the Best to your continued Success.

  4. Wow this is a real eye opener. I am 45 years old and going through the daily grind of life. It’s sad to think that everything I am working so hard for could be gone in an instant. It looks like I have to reconsider what I thought was going to be my retirement. Thank you for this eye opening article.

    • Hi Jason, Thanks for your comment. Doing your own research and getting more than one opinion from professionals in the field in so important prior to making any decisions. It’s a mine field out there and unfortunately many providers are more interested in their bottom line than your welfare. All the Best to you.

  5. I don’t like the idea of saying passive income when we are talking about making a website by creating our own online business (our own website) because building a website is never ending process. Yes, we can make money continuously once our website becomes popular, but if we stop writing content or reply comment on that website for more than 6 months, our website will be downgrade by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. So, for me, it is not passive income but definitely the best way to make money online.


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