Why Do I Feel So Overwhelmed?

With the rapid pace of life these days, and the constant advances in technology, is it any wonder that I often ask myself “Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” Overwhelm has become the new disease of the modern era.   Many folks are running to therapists and taking numerous types of medication to combat this new … Read more Why Do I Feel So Overwhelmed?

Thinking On Purpose

Over the years we have picked up so much garbage information from both well-meaning, and not so well-meaning sources, that we spend very little time thinking on purpose. Rather, most of our thoughts are generated accidentally, to a response of what is happening around or to us.   This lack of purposeful thinking contributes greatly to … Read more Thinking On Purpose

The Ultimate Power Tool

We all have the most amazing vehicle for success right within us. This ultimate power tool is our mind. Unfortunately, it does not come with a user manual, so we erroneously assume we know how to use it.   When we assess the results we have achieved in each department of our lives, it is most … Read more The Ultimate Power Tool

Why Ask “Why” Questions

Not all that long ago in terms of time, we were much younger, and also much more inquisitive. We wouldn’t even consider discussing why ask “why” questions, because it was second nature to us, and we did it automatically.   It is so true that we can learn much more about ourselves, and how to productively … Read more Why Ask “Why” Questions

Learn How To Succeed – Eliminate The Competition

To learn how to succeed there is one quality which we must possess or at least develop. That quality is determination. With this one quality we can overcome any obstacle, and attain any goal.   Whenever we compete in any area of our life, we are really only competing with ourselves. How well we do is … Read more Learn How To Succeed – Eliminate The Competition

There Is “A” Answer – Learning To Trust

There is “A” answer to whatever we truly want to know. All apparent mysteries can be solved once we make the decision to do so.   And when we search for “A” type of answers, we quickly realize that this is no ordinary type of endeavor. This involves accessing our intuitive self, who is much smarter … Read more There Is “A” Answer – Learning To Trust

The Law Of Least Effort – Do Less & Create More

In this crazy world of ours, there are a few universal principles which guide us along the way.  Water is wet, rocks are hard, and gravity does exist. But some of the more subtle principles of life, we either tend to ignore or not value as highly as  maybe we should. The Law of the … Read more The Law Of Least Effort – Do Less & Create More

A “AHA” Moment

A “aha” moment can often occur when we least expect it. That is why it is so important to stay conscious and aware as often as we can. When we stay focused on what is happening “Now”, we have less chance of having these moments of inspiration slip by without us noticing them.   These moments … Read more A “AHA” Moment

Get Organized Checklist

Getting organized properly in business or our personal life is critical to our overall success in life. Putting together a “Get Organized Checklist” enables you to stay focused on the most important tasks on a day-to-day basis.   When we are organized, we take care of our highest priority tasks first. We do this by putting … Read more Get Organized Checklist

Brainstorming The Future – Turbocharging Our Creative Thought

Whether we do it on our own or with a group of like-mined folks, brainstorming the future has many benefits for us, both now and down the line. We are able to come up with many viable ideas which will get us started, and then moving along toward our most cherished passions and dreams.     … Read more Brainstorming The Future – Turbocharging Our Creative Thought