How To Build Trust In Relationship

How to Build Trust in Relationship

How to build trust in relationship is a rather interesting subject which I have researched for many years, and have learned from the many mistakes I have made both in business and in my personal life. My work in human services and the mental health field expanded my understanding of what a great responsibility we … Read more

How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

how to relieve stress and anxiety

This is a good topic to cover regardless of what may be going on in the world at the present moment. It is good to have a mental and emotional toolkit available on how to relieve stress and anxiety. Wherever you look, it is not hard to find a few, and sometimes many folks, who … Read more

Stress Free Retirement Living

Stress Free Retirement Living

This article on stress-free retirement living applies to People of All Ages. The reason for this is that it is never too early to set up your retirement plan and goals. This in itself has a lot of side benefits. On the other hand, it is never too late to improve your current situation no … Read more

How To Have A Growth Mindset — Prepare For An Awakening

Growth Mindset

There is definitely no lack of resources of every kind imaginable relating to mindset and gaining achievement in all aspects of our lives. This article on how to have a growth mindset is more oriented to areas of our lives which we can immediately change once we actually notice that it is possible to see … Read more

10 Reasons Why We Procrastinate — And Why It Doesn’t Matter


I was doing some research recently on the challenge of getting stuff done, when I came across all these articles and books filled with information on why we don’t get things done. I found 10 reasons why we procrastinate, and after reviewing them, I came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter at all. … Read more

Stepping Out — Where Do We Desire To Go…

Steeping Out

This is a most interesting topic as it lays the foundation for all we do and desire to accomplish in life. Stepping out in any area of our lives requires a specific intention in order for us to arrive at our destination. It sounds simple, but it can be a roadblock for many of us.   … Read more

Ways To Be Happy In Life — The Simple Things Count

Happiness Is Now

I have been thinking about the subject of happiness quite a bit lately, and decided to write down a few thoughts about it. Everyone has their own notion of what it means to be happy, and happiness is the objective of most, if not all.  Regardless how we define happiness for ourselves, it is what … Read more

How To Trust IN YourSelf — Looking WithIn

Living in the Now

We have so much power and potential within ourselves which is quite often wasted when we do not recognize it. We fail to give ourselves credit for what we inherently possess. How to trust in yourself is most definitely an inward journey, which leads to outward results in alignment with our desires and where we … Read more

What Is A Perfect Day? — Let’s Find Out

The Perfect Day

=>=>=>Click Here<=<=<= For My #1 (One) Recommendation for the Perfect Online Business…I have read many self development books over the years which ask “what is the perfect day?”, and then go on to describe some possibilities and ways to get there. I’m not quite so sure that I agree with them based on the overall … Read more

Acceptance Of The Present Moment — Why Is That So Hard?

Present Moment

In several of my previous articles I spoke about the importance of the acceptance of the present moment. The reason for this is that lving in the “now ” is the entry way into all of our power and grace. It is poetry in motion. Even though we may begin to become aware of all … Read more