The Art Of Asking The Right Question

In this fast paced technological world of ours, it’s so easy to get distracted when looking for solutions to challenges.  One way to begin our search is by learning the art of asking the right question.   Whenever we feel lost and on our own, it is best to just surrender and let go.  At that … Read more

Can You Figure This Out?

It’s all too easy to think that there is a one size fits all remedy to all our challenges, whether business or personal. Planning things out is important, but it is also necessary to let go and allow answers and solutions to appear.  Can you figure this out just by practical research alone? Many of … Read more

Living The Dream

Even our little friend here has found the key to enjoying life. With all our ambition and goals we very often forget that this is not a dress rehearsal, and it is all happening right this moment. There is nowhere to go, and nothing to get.   A great reminder for us to appreciate the present … Read more

Easing Our Way Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Whatever we do in life it is a journey, not a race. It may take a minute, an hour, a month, or a year or more. None of that makes a difference when we have a clear destination of where we truly want to go. The first step is “to begin”. The size of the … Read more

An Unexpected Bonus On Our Journey

Whenever we begin something new, we can expect to meet with a good deal of resistance from ourselves. This is basically because we are asking ourselves to edge out of our comfort zone, and experience some uncertainty. For most of us that is not a pleasant thought. But when we do, we can expect a … Read more

Make Money After Retiring

Although there are folks who are quite comfortable financially after retirement, there is a significant segment of the population who would very much like making money after retiring. This can be for a number of reasons.  Many people find it challenging making ends meet and have some funds left over with which to enjoy themselves. … Read more

Baby Boomer About To Retire

This was something I had once contemplated years ago; the time would come when I would be a “baby boomer about to retire”. Actually, at the time, I thought that it would be a good idea. But as the years rolled on I quickly discovered that when you truly enjoy what you do, why would … Read more