Affiliate Marketing For Baby Boomers — Technology Made Simple

Digital Marketing

What my site, The Un-Retired Entrepreneur, is all about is offering alternatives to expressing your talents and abilities in a way that is both satisfying and profitable, as well as valuable to others.  When we share, we grow.  So I wanted to write a bit about affiliate marketing for Baby Boomers in order to drive … Read more

How To Make Money Online Traveling — A Few Things To Consider

There are definitely numerous ways to make money online while traveling, and I will mention a few. I will also include a few ideas for earning money while traveling which are not online. When researching how to make money online traveling, keep your eyes open to a few of the nuances which can make a … Read more

Products Baby Boomers Want

Baby Boomers are spending significant amounts of money everyday. Even though the Boomers are currently outnumbered by the millennials, the Baby Boomer crowd of approximately 75 million control the majority of the disposable income [about seventy (70%) percent].  Now let’s do a little digging and find out the products baby boomers want. This group of … Read more

Baby Boomer Dating – Some Things To Be Aware Of

There are those folks who are in the baby boomer category (born between 1946 and 1964) who find themselves not in any romantic relationship for whatever reason. Thirty-three (33%) percent of baby boomers are single. Because of this niche, many online sites and services have sprung up to address this baby boomer dating niche. As … Read more

How To Survive Retirement

I speak to so many baby boomers and other retired folks all the time, and they are either bored to death or having a tough time of it financially. These people do not know how to survive retirement, This has led to depression and even suicidal thoughts in some of the people I know.  When … Read more

Resistance To Change

Even though change is a natural part of life, we have developed over the years a resistance to change in many areas of our lives. When we were young, it was “just bring it on”. However, now that we have grown and apparently “matured”, our tendency is to stay within the safe confines of our … Read more

Benefits Of A Balanced Life

The benefits of a balanced life are really too numerous to mention in any great detail, but I just want to name a few which are critical to our happiness and well-being.  Very often as an adult, we end up doing what we would never have done as a child, and that is thinking too … Read more

Baby Boomer Emergency Retirement Plan

With this article right here, to start the New Year of 2019 off, I am going to review a few of my previous articles/posts related to Baby Boomers and the challenges of retirement. In the Baby Boomer Retirement Plan I am going to outline a few strategies for folks who are preparing to retire, or … Read more

How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?

Although there are some folks who have spent the time to plan their retirement and determine the amount needed to retire comfortably, unfortunately many people both retired and approaching retirement have failed to determine how much money they need to retire. How much money do I need to retire is a very helpful question to … Read more

It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life

It’s never too late to change your life regardless of your age or circumstances. When you have a very deep desire to do this, nothing will stand in your way.    There are so many options available to all of us once we determine specifically what we desire. This one decision opens up a wealth … Read more