Backlinks Indexer Review

Backlinks Indexer Review   Inbound Marketing

Name: Backlinks Indexer


Price: 5 Day Free Trial with each Plan then monthly ($17, $27, $57, or $97)

Owner: Daniel Anton

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a cloud-based indexing system which helps with your SEO campaigns. It’s an indexing service where you enter your URLs and it indexes your links by creating an app which creates backlinks and submits them to websites with high PR (Page Rank).


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Increases traffic

2) Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee

3) Increases exposure and branding of your product

4) Over fourteen thousand (14,000) users

5) Efficient customer service

The Not So Good

1) Monthly packages can get expensive

2) There are cheaper alternatives out there

Who is Backlinks Indexer For?

Internet marketers and SEO professionals


Each link gets pinged to ensure that it gets crawled.

App that submits to high PR websites such as RSS Aggregators, Social Signals, Permanent Backlinks, Automatic Drip Pinging, Wiki Links, and Web 2.0 Links.

Creates the Tiers for your backlinks.

Backlink Booster



Technical staff with prompt and efficient customer service.


Five (5) Day Free Trial then recurring monthly payment

Basic Plan: $17/month

Advanced Plan: $27/month

Pro Plan: $57/month

Enterprise Plan: $97/month

Price increases based on the number of URLs you want processed per day and per month.

Final Thoughts

This is a very high quality indexing service which creates a strong SERP (Search Engine Results Page) movement with a network of backlinks. So this basically speeds up the process of getting your pages ranked.

The upgrades can get expensive, and over time with good content and consistent sharing through social media, guest posting, etc. backlinks will naturally develop. But if you want a high-quality indexing service this is a good choice.

When we offer true value we don’t need to ask for links or use automated methods to generate them. By creating targeted content which has the purpose of attracting our target audience, you get noticed by websites which are relevant to your niche and what you have to offer.

By building something better and reaching out to the people we desire to serve, we naturally get the results we seek. We end up collaborating with influential people in our target market, which produces long-lasting results. This is focusing on long-term benefits.

Finally,. there is nothing wrong with using online tools like this especially if you are in a hurry to get indexed, and if so this is most definitely a quality product. It all depends on your overall Business Model and Marketing Plan.


Final Conclusion:    product review



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2 thoughts on “Backlinks Indexer Review”

  1. Good review. I may actually try out this service. I have been reluctant to use a service like this because I am worried it might damage the hard work I have already put into generating quality content on my site. Do you think this service is a risk to that degree? Thanks again for the detailed review.

    • Thanks for the comment. Not sure if it is a risk or not. I personally have not used the service but I am sure folks in the SEO services business use products like this all the time. As I mentioned in my post I prefer to generate ranking through creating good content and sharing it.


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