Audience Toolkit Review

Audience Toolkit Review Facebook Social Engagement Tool

Name: Audience Toolkit
Website: — Click Here to View Website
Price: $37 per month or $197 per year with additional optional upsells
Owners: Simple Social Tools (Demetris Papadopulos, Micheal Reyes and Jacque Morris)

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a Google Chrome Extension tool which optimizes social engagement on Facebook in order to generate leads for your business. It saves you time by automating the process of messaging, likes, and adding friends. This can be used for any niche market.

It was created by Demetris Papadopulos, Micheal Reyes and Jacque Morris and launched on November 13, 2018.

This tool will work both on a Windows and Mac platform. It is specifically designed to automate repetitive tasks so that your time can be spent more effectively in other areas of promotion, product development/creation and marketing. One of the best time savers of this product is the “Requests Cancellations” feature which eliminates the need to spend many hours clicking away in order to cancel up to one thousand (1000) unresponsive and unproductive pending friend requests.

This product was designed to automate and model everyday human social activity so that you can scale your target audience without investing in paid advertising. By managing you social media, and engaging your niche correctly, you are able to build your brand and increase your business profit potential.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

    1. Automates lead generation and easily builds your Facebook audience
    2. Has a user-friendly interface and is fully automated
    3. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
    4. Able to target any niche market
    5. Saves you time and money through this automation process
    6. Step-by-Step training video guides
    7. Bulk messaging of new friends
    8. Auto-likes posts and deletes old friend requests in bulk

    The Not So Good

    1. Learning curve
    2. Updates necessary due to changes to Facebook Acceptable User Behavior Patterns
    3. Can only use with Chrome Browser
    4. If not used correctly, or if abused, can cause your Facebook account to get flagged and possibly shut down

    Who is the Audience Toolkit For?

    Internet marketers who use Facebook for lead generation and desire to save time by automating the social engagement process. This software saves online marketers much valuable time by automating repetitive social media tasks. This is a cost-efficient way for these marketers to increase business through social media.

Tools & Training

The product suite comes with a number of Step-by-Step training videos within the Members Area

  • Audience Toolkit Installation Guide — install on Google Chrome browser using authorization key
  • Keeping Your Account Safe — several tips provided in the members area
  • Add Facebook friends — this targets your specific niche in automating the friend request process. In Facebook you can have as many as five thousand (5,000) friends. This targets your niche audience in order to increase engagement and results in more leads.
  • Delete Pending Requests — this enables you to track and bulk delete any pending friend requests since there is a maximum of one thousand (1000) requests on Facebook and you cannot add additional friends without deleting
  • Automated Messages — this automates the process of scheduling targeted, personalized messages to be sent to your Facebook friends either through a broadcast to selected folks, or you can message new friends who you have on Facebook Messenger but have not started up a dialogue as yet.
  • Like Content — this automates up to a hundred (100) likes every two (2) to three (3) days in order to increase your social engagement and visibility
  • Send Fan Page Invites — for people who have engaged in your Fan/Group pages you can send invites to them


Email support tickets usually answered within twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours []


Either $37 per month or $197 per year


  1. Affiliate Blueprint ($27) – this enables you to gain access to the SimpleSocialTools affiliate training program to earn an additional source of income by promoting this product
  2. Marketing Boot Camps ($147) – this is additional training which is provided to increase your sales and marketing knowledge. It is broken down into two (2) areas: Social Media Boot Camp and Video Media Boot Camp
  3. Re-seller Partner Program ($297) – through this program you can brand and market this as your own product rather than just being an affiliate. With this re-seller program you can earn fifty (50%) percent commission for every Audience Toolkit sale and one hundred (100%) percent commission on the other digital up-sells in this sales funnel.

Final Thoughts

This product most definitely saves you time and energy in automating your social engagement process by making it much easier to target you niche market very efficiently. Since the average online entrepreneur spends at least four (4) hours on the same social media platform each day, this Audience Toolkit will reduce that to around one (1) hour while interacting with only  the most qualified potential customers/clients and prospects.

With over 2.2 Billion users on Facebook, ii is of utmost importance to have proper engagement and an effective social media presence. Natural social human activity gets automated using this software. It does it in a way which does not produce any less than desired behaviors, which can then trigger pattern detection filters which can cause your account to be flagged. For those using social media as a business model, this is an effective and safe tool.

This tool does give you a competitive advantage by gaining you access to a traffic gathering system using social media. Regardless of the size of your business, what matters most is your customers, clients, prospects, and fans. This product not only helps you generate new prospects, but also helps ensure your current client/customer list is satisfied and being properly served.

To sum things up, if you are looking to build a targeted Facebook audience in the least amount of time, this is most definitely a product to research and do some due diligence on. It just may be the solution which you are seeking to save time and energy, and increase your overall profits.

Final Conclusion Audience Toolkit

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6 thoughts on “Audience Toolkit Review”

  1. Ah, I was wondering when I would find a review like this!

    Simple Social Tools allowed me to grow my Facebook following from 150 to 650 in a matter of a couple short weeks. It was certainly a good investment of my money and I would recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur looking to build their social presence.

    I have gone away from SSS as of recent, but now that I found this post I am going to continue using it.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi, This is an interesting topic, of course I’m aware of automation with regard to auto responders etc but didn’t actually realise that there are actually applications that take over and mimic human interaction within platforms. I can see how this would be very useful up to a point with regard to freeing time and limiting admin. A very interesting concept.

  3. Wow! This looks like an amazing tool! It is true that we spend so much time on social media as online marketers. I would love to try this out but am partial to free trial periods before I commit to paying, do they not offer a free trial at all?
    Looking forward to your response.


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