Animation Studio Review

Animation Studio Review   Animation Software

Name: Animation Studio


Price: $47 One Time with upgrades

Owners: Paul Ponna, Todd Gross – Bravinn Technologies

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a web based app which allows you to customize your own animated video with a number of templates as well as graphics, audio and your own content.

This product allows you to add text, music, images, and watermarks while producing an unlimited amount of videos for your promotional campaigns. Another feature of this product is that you are able to translate your video scripts into any language, and this can be done easily with one click.

The commercial license is also included with your initial purchase. In other products produced by this company, it was only available as an upsell.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Easy to use

2) Hosted On Microsoft Cloud Platform

3) State-of-the-art animation and Text-To-Speech technology

4) Thirty (30) day money back guarantee


The Not So Good:

1) Expensive with the upgrades

2) Takes time to learn how to use properly

3) To maximize the features and benefits of this product it requires that you purchase the upgrades


Who Is Animation Studio For?

Affiliate/Internet marketers, bloggers/content creators, e-com store owners, product creators, consultants, agencies, as well as small business owners interested in video production in promoting their products and services.

Tools & Training

– Professional Studio-Grade Videos

– Intuitive Custom Video Editing Interface

– Ready-Made Niche Templates

– Built-in Library Of Animated Assets (Backgrounds, themes, props)

– Professionally-recorded Voice Overs

– Text-To-Speech Technology

– One-Click Translation Technology

– Unlimited Commerical License


FAQ page and email


$47 which comes with commercial license. Upgrades include Studio Deluxe for $44. The Animation Studio Agency version is an additional $67, and the Video Traffic Machine is  $37.  Subscription to the Animation Studio Templates Club is $24/month.

Final Thoughts

If animated videos are part of your marketing and promotional strategy then this can be a very viable product to add to your advertising arsenal. The main drawback is the cost. With all the upgrades you are looking at $195 plus $24 per month for the Animation Studio Templates Club.

While it is possible to make substantial money using this tool, there are alternatives available that can be purchased without the several upsells in the AnimationStudio product.

If your work entails doing a lot of animated videos this may well be worth the price and effort to become proficient with this product. This is especially attractive for those whose business is using YouTube in affiliate marketing for themselves or as a consultant to others in providing YouTube SEO services to rank videos.


Final Conclusion   

product review


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8 thoughts on “Animation Studio Review”

  1. Animation sells because there is just something with animation that gets the attention of people for one it helps to drive the message home a lot easier. I believe this to is great for those who whats to use these kinds of marketing tools to get their point across as long as they are will to dig deeper for the upgrades.

  2. Thank you for your review about Animated Videos, I wish I could have discovered a post as useful as yours before. Now that I am aware of the benefits this strategy can bring to my online busineses, I am going to plan a budget and integrate it into my marketing methods.

    I am also exploring the program that you recommend and I plan to contact you shortly for more information.

  3. It looks like quite a cool piece of software. I used to use something similar, I threw out my old laptop and now don’t have the access to it anymore but never mind, it wasn’t expensive, and I do forget the name of it, probably because I didnt use it as much as I should have.

    The only downside like you have mentioned above is the upsells and obviously, things you need to make it work at its best. Thanks for a thorough review!

  4. Animated videos are so in! It is much easier than taking videos of yourself. it is helpful for someone like me who doesn’t like facing the camera for videos, also attracts an audience!
    A great review!


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