Allowing Ourselves To Succeed

There are so many ways in which we sabotage ourselves in the process of pursuing our dreams. It is so very true that we are our own worst enemy. We don’t have to worry about any outside factors, as we do a good enough job ourselves of preventing our success. Why is allowing ourselves to succeed so difficult? Allowing Success

It seems we find it easier to find ways to block our progress than we do to move forward with abandon toward our goals, “knowing” it is just a matter of time for things to play out in our favor.

Turning Simplicity into Complexity

When we want to achieve something, it is a rather simple process. Decide what we want, plan out a way to get there, be grateful for our progress, be flexible and adapt as necessary in making changes, and arrive at our destination.

Why is this any different from planning a vacation or business trip by getting our proverbial ducks in order as in packing, making reservations for flights and lodging, figuring out what time to leave, and anything else we might need to do to get where we want to go? This is a simple process which we have probably done numerous times over our lifetime with a good amount of success.

Although some people find traveling a bit stressful, this did not stop them from moving through this process of arriving at their destination. It was not difficult to visualize what needed to be done in order to get our desired result. Why is it so different when we are striving for success?

One thing is that any doubt and fear which arises, which didn’t stop us in our travel plans, somehow gets amplified to such a degree that it paralyzes our efforts in constructively moving forward toward our dreams and goals. But in a strange way, we have actually succeeded even with this, as we have taken a simple process and made it extremely complex. That in itself takes a bit of creative effort.

Allowing Ourselves To Succeed — Redirecting That Energy

Redirecting Energy

All that energy that was used to block our progress, can be redirected to move us consistently to whatever goals and dreams we have set forth for ourselves to achieve. With a little bit of awareness and presence, we can simplify what previously was made so difficult.

First, we need to realize that all our power exists in the present moment where our choices are made. Then we can expand our awareness of where we are, what our thoughts and assumptions are toward success, and make any changes in those areas before implementing our plan to arrive at our goals.

When we set a goal, one of two things occurs. First, we achieve it and we then can be grateful and say “thank you”. Secondly, we do not achieve it, and we then wonder why. Without blaming others or outside circumstances, we can look within and ask if this was what we really desired, do we need to give it more time for it to arrive in just the right way, or do we need to change things up a bit.

It is critical, to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge any fears we have about this or any mistakes we have made in the process. This will allow us to redirect our energy in a way that will produce the results we are after.

Allowing Ourselves To Succeed — Creating a Feasible Plan

When we are clear on what is holding us back, we can directly address it, and simplify the process of goal attainment greatly. We move forward knowing we will succeed at the right time and in the right way.

Just like planning a trip, we put the pieces of our plan into place (subject to change of course), see it clear in our mind, and release any doubt of getting there. In breaking it down into doable steps, we ensure we are progressing on a consistent basis.

We just concentrate on the step which is in front of us before moving on. We may not even be totally clear what the next step is as things can change along the way, but once we accomplish that prior step, it will be utterly obvious what the next step is. This is how we Trust Ourselves to Succeed.

To get the hang of this, it helps to do a training run on some smaller goals you want, and observe how it all plays out. Then when you address your more ambitious goals, you will have the knowingness and confidence that this works.

Doing this not only simplifies the process but puts your plans into effect effortlessly with much less apprehension and stress. Doubts, which previously got in the way, naturally dissolve as you see concrete results transpiring. With a feasible plan in hand, you will most willingly allow yourself to succeed.

Waking Up to Who We Are

Many of us spend more time with outside activities than spending a little bit of time in getting acquainted with ourselves. When we were young, we had a much clearer picture of ourselves in terms of our likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and how to remain present and enjoy what is right in front of us.

There was much less noise in our heads, which gets in the way of clear thinking. When we think clearly, minus the false data picked up along the way, we make good decisions based on what is best for ourselves and others. This is how we are true of value to others by our beingness. Becoming Authentic

Our beingness is then expressed in ways that are aligned with our natural abilities and gifts, and this in itself makes life effortless and enjoyable. We get to the point of welcoming challenges that enable us to test ourselves in order to become stronger and more proficient.

Once we wake ourselves up, see who we really are, we will never settle for less again. We are no longer afraid to express our power since we will channel it in constructive ways for the benefit of all. We don’t shortchange ourselves, or others, by pretending to be someone we are not. Fear really does make us do silly things, and think in silly ways.


Being Authentic — Allowing Ourselves To Succeed

This whole process of allowing ourselves to succeed is about being authentic. When we are the true selves we don’t get in our own way, and we don’t blame others or outside circumstances for any failures or mishaps. We own what happens to us so that we can then make appropriate changes as needed.

And most importantly, we contribute in ways that are most valuable to others, as we are expressing our true talents and abilities. We understand that success occurs whenever we make progress. The size of the success does not matter; it is the consistent progression in the direction of our goals, which is made up of many small wins.

“We need to find the courage to say no to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.”

— Barbara De Angelis —

When we are authentic we know our destination, and we go there. Our actions are aligned with our intentions. We eliminate all stray distractions which used to previously get in our way because we gave them attention and value. Instead, everything around us is used to validate our improvements. We see things differently when we are being our true and authentic selves.

When we change our viewpoint, we change our lives. We see the good in others and ignore the bad. We know our intentions make sense because they produce the results we desire. Instead of spending ninety-nine (99%) percent of our time preventing problems, we spend that time creating solutions and getting results.

Being authentic allows us to use our full potential. There is no holding back or playing safe. We understand how we give value to incidents in our lives, whether good or bad and how we are in control of our thoughts and viewpoint. In order to help others, we understand we must be authentic and help ourselves first.

Allowing ourselves to succeed is not all that complicated at all. In fact, it is much simpler than spending the majority of our time being distracted by stray occurrences, which really don’t deserve our attention. When we value ourselves and others properly, we move forward with abandon, and with the intention of allowing ourselves to succeed.

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  2. Hello, and thanks so much for sharing, sometimes we can get in our own way and stop our success, and then again sometimes we can overthink the process making it very difficult what we should do is pray, plan and then take action while willing to make adjustments along the way in order to have success. Thanks for sharing.


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