Affiliate Funnel Clones Review

Affiliate Funnel Clones Review Funnel templates

Name: Affiliate Funnel Clones

Website: <<

Price: $47 One Time or $27 per month

Owner: Alan Magliocca, Simon Harries, Ryan Allaire

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is designed to assist you with putting together your affiliate marketing campaigns. These are ready-to-go campaign templates which have been created by professional website designers.

The software developer, Simon Harries, has developed many other products previously such as Product Lab, VPS, Converzly, and EmailForce.

This product launched on February 20, 2018. It combines list building/lead generation and selling in one step. It is a combined lead and sales funnel.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Numerous ready-made templates
  3. Covers a wide variety of niches
  4. Fourteen (14) day Money Back Guarantee
  5. No technical experience required to use and benefit from
  6. Full training

The Not So Good:

  1. Takes a bit of time to review the training videos and get used to how the system works (dashboard and specific functions)
  2. No template editor so you can’t add your own graphics if you want
  3. Emphais is on solo ads which are expensive to run with uncertain results
  4. Many of the traffic sources can be found on your own for free
  5. The sales page over promotes this whole process
  6. It is made to sound easier than it is to obtain good quality leads
  7. There is too much emphasis on promoting JVZoo products and their own affiliate program

Who is Affiliate Funnel Clones For?

This product is targeted to all levels of internet marketers who desire to increase their online presence and increase their traffic flow. The easy to use process is ideal for folks starting out in the online world.

Tools & Training

Training tutorials provided in back office. The members’ area is calledL Affiliate Academics (AA).

  • Page Builder — enables you to generate any kind of promotional page that you desire by utilizing the done-for-you templates, or you can use the built-in tools to create a new template.
  • There are five (5) custom templates that can be edited for your specific needs, and they are suitable for various niche markets which are currently trending.
  • Third-party hosting service through Google Cloud Engine, a premium Google hosting service, so there is no need to set up hosting on your own
  • You are able to display the domains that you follow and like onto your website through executing a few clicks.
  • Drag-n-drop editor which customizes your pages based on your individual preferences and needs
  • Video training course explains exactly how to best utilize the Affiliate Funnel Clones software
  • Step 1: Log in to the back office through your personal account which you set up
  • Step 2: Connect to the autoresponder of your choice
  • Step 3: Add the specific affiliate link and then save your information


Email Support:


$47 One Time Payment or $27 per month


OTO 1 — Affiliate Funnel Clones Premium Upgrade – $47

You get twenty-five (25) additional affiliate funnels as well as the core five (5) funnels. This gives you thirty (30) affiliate funnel pages ready for you to send traffic. This allows you to market more products in other niches which will diversity your income streams and increase your lead generation.

-OTO 2 — Affiliate Email Vault – $27

To make things even easier you are able to access email swipes to help you increase conversions in your various affiliate offers. These emails are said to have been tested and have shown positive results in increasing conversions.

-OTO 3 — Affiliate Funnel Studio – $47/Month or $297/Year

This allows you to create UNLIMITED affiliate funnels to increase your affiliate offers to maximize and diversify your income streams. Affiliate funnels are dripped to your account every month. These are the funnels that are said to be personally used by the creators of this program.

Final Thoughts

This software can help a person starting out in affiliate marketing, but personally it is my opinion that there are better products out there. There is too much emphasis on JVZoo products in the members’ area. The training emphasizes marketing these products through email marketing.

This type of training can be learned more effectively in other programs available on the market. With this program you are basically marketing JVZoo products as well as the Affiliate Funnel Clones product itself as an affiliate.

You are able to access some attractive opt-in pages with the funnels, but to access more you have to pay for the upgrades. It’s an okay product but nothing special.

Also the traffic training offer a couple of options to generate traffic. One is advertising on five (5) selected sites which are basically solo ads, but it is a bit expensive to advertise, and I am not sure about the results. PPC and SEO have always been found, in my opinion, to be much more reliable sources of high quality traffic.

The other method for traffic is a training which shows you how to create YouTube video reviews, and how to do Launch Jacking. These are methods that can work, but it is not necessary to pay in order to learn this. There are plenty of free resources available online.
There is too much hype on the sales page in regard to combining lead generation and sales. Yes, this is doable, but not as easy as it is promoted to be.

You really don’t learn anything new about email marketing, and things like YouTube reviews and Launch Jacking you can learn on your own for free.

All-in-all I think this is an average program at best, and I do not recommend it. Even though the price is only forty-seven ($47) dollars, your money is better spent elsewhere given the limited training, and traffic sources which you can find on your own. There are many traffic sources that are free or less expensive than solo ads, and much more effective.

The only reason I can find to purchase this program is if you want to be an affiliate and promote it. But again, given the quality of the program, there would not be much incentive to do that.

Final Conclusion About Average

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12 thoughts on “Affiliate Funnel Clones Review”

  1. Thank you for tanking the time go through the review. There are so many products that are out there that promise but dont always deliver what they promise. 

    i have never hear of Launch Jacking before and Im excited to do more research on the subject. There are so many free resources of people sharing like your site. Thanks again for the time you commited to the review

  2. Thank you for sharing; This is something I needed years ago. I got so frustrated with affiliate programs, that apart for WA I only promote my own creations. Have you experienced the program; Is it cost effective? Your review seems honest and thorough. I was a little puzzled about the $47 one time payment and $27. per month; Can you please clarify.

    • Thanks for your comments.  The pricing is indeed puzzling as that is what they currently offer on their website.  It seems to be a promotional ploy to get you to invest the $47.  All the best to you.

  3. Hello Joseph, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I never tried Affiliate Funnel Clones although it is not so expensive product honestly, there are much better services out there. I would maybe use it for promotional page builders because I am currently looking for these but can’t find something cheap. Thank you for sharing info on this service, although it is not recommended I would give it a try in the near future.

  4. Affiliate marketing is a very rewarding and exciting career, I love being an online entrepreneur so finding your site was a positive reward for me, am loving your posts, thanks for sharing this post on Affiliate Funnel Clones, it has been a very interesting read and I am intrigued by your expert opinion, thanks for sharing,
    James Cavendish

  5. I made use of this product Affiliate Funnel Clones some months ago, and I can just give it a little above average, just  because of how simple it makes the funnel creation process. I think to some extent the product is cool for newbies or marketers who have little or no experience creating effective sales funnels. So I will also give rate it as average like you, base on my little experience with it. I need to check that launch jacking, looks like a real deal.


    • Thanks Jordan.  I appreciate your thougjhts on this and sharing the experience you had with this product.  All the Best to You.

  6. Thanks so much for a very informative post with tons of information which will help your readers to have a better understanding of this program. Affiliate marketing is truly amazing and the rewards are so great.


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