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About Joseph William

Welcome to The Un-Retired Entrepreneur! My name is Joseph William and I desire to share my experiences in realizing that being Un-Retired is a lot more fun and profitable than any type of retirement can ever be.   Joseph William Stasaitis

A Little History

All of my life I have had several interests, and am an avid learner. I enjoy music, dance, writing, reading, golf and sports in general, martial arts (mainly Aikido), yoga, Qigong, travel, teaching, business development, counseling, coaching, and online marketing.  I have a thirst for adventure and exploring new things.

Career-wise I have had a dual career that has and does encompass, working in Human Services as well as Business Development and Marketing. I have discovered that when you “enjoy” what you do, you NEVER have to retire. Why would you?

Work? Are You Kidding Me?

Work is not a very nice word, because it is generally accepted as something that has to be hard, not fun, or something we have to do. Why not create your life so that what you do is a hobby for which you are well-paid?

Makes a lot more sense to me, and my intention with this site is for it not only to make sense to you, but for you to understand and apply a few simple steps, and actually create this for yourself.

The End Game

What we will be doing here on this website is assisting folks who desire to create an UN-Retirement lifestyle and income, regardless of age and present circumstances. When work is a hobby, why retire?

You can simply decide to create “your” desirable situation, whatever that may be, and I am here to help and assist along the way. It is just a choice on your part to select a different path, and regardless of what you may believe right now, this is entirely possible.

Just imagine, if you just spend the next few months and years creating your desired outcome, while enjoying the process as well, you will pleasantly discover that your currently unrealized aspirations and dreams will be your reality.

Whenever you need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the very Best,

Joseph William 

The UN-Retired Entrepreneur


4 thoughts on “About Joseph William”

  1. Hi Joseph!

    Congratulations on an amazing site! Alaska is really beautiful and I enjoyed your writeup. As you know, i’m retired too and now un-retired too because we’re shaping our own futures with affiliate marketing.

    I’ll spend a bit of time now reading your other content. I think i’m going to enjoy it.

    Regards, Dave


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