A Review Of SociCake Commercial

SociCake Commercial Review Social Media and Facebook

Name: SociCake Commercial
Website: GetSociCake.com <<

Price: $47 One Time Payment
Owners: Mario Brown
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a Facebook marketing tool used to increase traffic on social media and hopefully lead to more conversions. It is especially targeted to assist with your Facebook marketing efforts. This product was recently launched in January 2019.

It’s actually a software bundle of ten (10) tools to improve your Facebook marketing efforts. It is designed to drive traffic and generate more highly targeted leads from Facebook.

The creator of this product, Mario Brown, has a track record of creating other products such as Commission Revolution, Vidditive, Videlligence, 7Day FB Comm Formula, Facebook Master Class, Motion Countdown, Visual Eye, Consulting Mastery, and Online Marketing Mastery Live.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. user-friendly so you do not need to be extremely technical
  2. no excessive learning curve involved once you review the training videos
  3. reasonable price and one time investment
  4. saves time and effort
  5. thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  6. the product comes with 24/7 support 

    TheNot So Good:

    1. Willingness to take the time to learn to use this tool effectively and then persist until you get desired results.
    2. There are upgrades but the main software product should be sufficient at least initially

    Who is SociCake For?

    This is a software tool designed for beginning and more experienced internet marketers who are interested in generating leads through Facebook. This is a great tool for any folks doing business on Facebook including affiliate marketers, eCommerce shop owners, as well as any offline business.

    Tools & Training

    Video training provided which demos all the individual tools which are part of their All-in-One solution package.

    Rich Post Editor — this is a customized post creator which is designed to increase engagements. It adds italics, boldface, and underling to your posts.

    Facebook Post Manager — this automates your posting on Facebook. You create your content and then schedule your posts such as image posts, slideshows, call to action posts, and video posts. You can use this for multiple pages and accounts.

    Clickable Images Creator — this is used to increase site traffic and this allows you to attach a URL to an image which you post, and it can be used on multiple pages and accounts.

    Messenger Bot Builder — this feature automatically responds to visitors who come to your website. Because it is automated it doesn’t matter if you are online or offline when visitors arrice as they will receive a prompt response during their visit.

    Messenger Broadcasting — With an eighty (80%) percent open rate, this features practically ensures that your notifications will be seen. You can send notifications, broadcasts, and content updates to folks on your contact list. You can send unlimited broadcasts to unlimited subscribers on your list.

    Comment Bot — this tool provides an automated message, which you preset, to visitors’ comments. This makes you always available to your website visitors as they will receive immediate replies to their comments.

    SociCake Inviter — this is a feature which will send all those who ‘like’ your comments to your Facebook fan page. This is completely automated so it ensures more exposure to your fan page which could lead to possible more conversions.

    Facebook Ads and Content Designer — this tool allows your posts to stand out by creating viral quote memes, Facebook posts, and timeline covers. You have access to thousands of premium and stock images as well as about four hundred and fifty thousand (450,000) viral quote templates.

    Optin Link — With this tool you are able the capture the names and email addresses from links you create without the need of an opt-in form or landing page. Clicks are converted to leads automatically without the visitor needing to input anything in order to receive your lead magnet. This eliminates receiving erroneous email addresses. The tool also integrates with about fifteen (15) autoresponders as well as Zapier.  

    Live Engine — this tool allows you to broadcast a prerecorded video live on Facebook. This is all cloud-based so you just need to schedule it ahead of time and you are good to go across multiple Facebook accounts and pages all from one dashboard.


    Email support is provided at: support@socicake.com or you can contact their support desk at https://support.socicake.com/

    and submit a support ticket.  They indicate that their support is available on a 24/7 basis.


    $47 for the Commercial License as a One-Time Investment

    $37 for the Personal License as a One-Time Investment

    There are also a number of upgrades offered such as Socicake Pro, Socicake Agency License, White label/Reseller rights, and Socicake Mobimatic.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are looking to generate leads through Facebook, this software app is designed to increase traffic, engagement, leads, and eventually sales and conversions. This saves a lot of time and energy from doing all of this stuff manually. It increases your chances of running successful campaigns as you continue to learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing as to who to target, how to gain their attention, and it assists in providing suitable calls to action.

    Since there are a bundle of tools included in this package, you can save some money compared to having to invest in purchasing these tools on an individual basis. Also the product creator has a track record of creating many other successful products. If you are into Facebook Marketing you may want to check this out.

    As with any onlime software tool or app you will benefit from it based on how effectively and consistently you use it. Even though it is user friendly, there is a time requirement to get used to the dashboard and all its individual elements.  Watching the training videos and demos will speed up this process, and then allow you to test its effectiveness in real life campaigns.

    Final Conclusion

    Facebook Marketing

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    To your Marketing Success,


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    14 thoughts on “A Review Of SociCake Commercial”

    1. Wow! I’ve been looking for something just like this. I love that it has the post Automator built in for a one time price. Facebook can be so complex and after finding a great training for my blog I really want to master the social aspect of my business next. Great review with so many helpful details. Thanks for posting! 

    2. Hi

      I appreciate that your review is well written and well laid-out.  Could you help me to understand what ‘As with any onlime software’.  I am not familiar with that software.

      Am I right in assuming that socicake interfaces with your facebook page, socicake would post to your Facebook page on your behalf?

      • Thanks Aaron for your comments.  This software app just makes the process of posting and moving people through the engagement and sales process a lot quicker.  Go to the website link for SociCake on my post and read through their sales page for more detailed info on how all the features work.  Thanks again and all the best in your online marketing.

    3. Hi! I have been looking to generate leads through Facebook but up to this point all my efforts have gone down the drain. I know there must be a way of taking advantage of social media to increase traffic to our business. I’m so glad I came across your review about SociCake. I liked this package with all it’s tools. There is one tool that has really caught my attention and its clickable image creator.

      I hope this constitutes the beginning of a successful relationship between Facebook and my business. Thanks! 

    4. There is no denying the important role of social media for small businesses. social presence will help foster relationships with customers and enhance their loyalty to the brand and there is no doubt that SociCake Local Edition is a powerful communication toolset asthis tool helps to attract customers and convert into potential customers to dominate the facebook market.

    5. Joseph, Good review! I do a lot of FB advertising so this might be something I’d like to try out. I do interface with the FB marketing team and so far they’ve been helpful. My only concern is that with the Opt-in tool, it collects visitors info without any input from them. Is that an uninvited email collection? Thanks for the great article!


    6. Hi Joseph,
      Great review. In the last couple of month I was looking for a platform like this to manage and marketing on my social platform, after reading this review I have to say I will definitely try SociCake.


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