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Big Content Search 5.0 Review   Private Label Rights

Name:  Big Content Search


Website: BigContentSearch.com

Price: Three (3) Day Trial for $1 then $37 per month or yearly (see options below under price) pus Upgrades

Owners:  Big IM Toolbox

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a membership service where you can obtain content from PLR (Private Label Rights) articles.  With this membership you have access to around two hundred and twenty-five thousand (225,000) PLR articles in about two hundred (200) niches which you can then dowload to edit for your specific  needs.

Some of the nice categories include:  Arts and Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Business and Ecnomy, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Society, Home and Family, Sports and Recreation, Education and Reference, Computers and Technology, Travel and Leisure, Internet Business, Writing and Speaking, Currency and Trading, and Product Reviews.

The basic membership allows you to download fifty (50) articles per day.  These articles cover a large number of subject which you can use for blog posts, creating reports and eBooks, or any other website content which you may need for your promotions.

You can also request and vote on new articles as well as use an article spinner to make this content original.  This service helps you find PLR articles on almost any subject.

Big Content Research also provides advice on how to best use these article to generate sales.

The Big Content Search 5.0 Version has made some significant improvements such as adding additional article on many more topics.  Now instead of spinning just one article at a time they have a Cart Spinning Function where you can spin groups of articles at the same time.  There is now full compliance with all GDPR (General Date Protection Regulations) law.  Time has been spent on making corrections to many articles, and removing Spam articles.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Saves time in creating content for your website, blog, or promotional materials
  2. Sixty (60) day guarantee
  3. Easy to use

The Not So Good:

  1. Need to access upgrades to obtain more features
  2. Don’t like using article spinners to make content unique
  3. Does not state clearly on sales page that in order to access some of the features requires upgrades
  4. Content has large amounts of spelling and grammatical errors which need to be edited

Who is Big Content Search For?

For internet marketers who need large amount of content in running their businesses.  Ideal for bloggers and content creators.

Tools & Training

Provide a Three (3) day Free Trial where you log in to the Members Area and search for articles using your own specific keywords or keyword phrases.  Then a list of articles will be displayed based on your specific request, which you can then review and select the ones you desire for download as a group.

As a Basic Member you can download up to fifty (50) articles each day, one hundred and fifty (150) as a Plus Member, and three hundred (300) articles as a Premium Member.  You can then sort your articles by date they were published, relevancy, or aphabetically.

The majority of articles are free of spelling mistakes, but the punctuation, seentence structure, and grammar left much to be desired.  You do need to spend some time editing this stuff.

Article Spinner — this is provided as part of the membership. This is where you take a term or word and then add a list of synonyms  in order to make the content unique and avoid duplicate contnet for which you may not be penalized by the search engines, but they may put that content in a supplement index which is then zero benefit for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can use this to spin articles and then send them directly to your submitter of choice to be published in order to create backlinks.  You need to check thoroughly that the end result makes sense after spinning these articles, and do any necessary editing before publishing.

Training Center — In this area you will find basic information on internet marketing, a more thorough explanation of exactly what PLR is and how to best use it, information on setting up a Word Press blog or building your own website, and a Resources area with plenty of general information on locating niche markets and placing to obtain free images.  Additional information is provided on how to best use PLR content such as email autoresponders, a screencast with slides, and reading your PLR article in creating a Podcast.

Premium members can set up Auto-Blog platforms. You are provided services such as WP Robot which automatically fills in your blog with articles form the database at Big Content Search.  Although this does save you substantial time, the major drawback here is that this content will not be original, and it will most likely be populated with many grammatical and spelling errors.  This is more of a strategy of quanity over quality.

Here is the Bonus which you receive:

Big Content Search Exclusive Report — this is a fifty page (50) report on how to best make use of Private Label Rights (PLR) to generate sales.  This explains everthing from how to create a home study course, generate reports, repurpose your PLR articles, create web content to creating membership courses.


Web-based contact form and Live Chat.  Phone number available but it is in Slovenia.


There is a Three (3) Day Trial for $1 and then it is $37 per month or $197 on a yearly basis.  They currently have a Spring Special where you can get the Yearly Membership for only $97 per year.  There are upgrades to Plus and Premium options.

Final Thoughts

I am not a fan of Private Label Rights (PLR) because I prefer to write my own original contact in my own unique style.  But for those who use PLR on a regular basis, this membership site can be helpful with the quanity of articles it provides in its database.

I am also not a fan of spinning articles just to make them unique and save time in publishing them.  But at the same time this is a strategy used by many in the online marketing world.  There are also online stores out there where you can purchase article packs in your specific niche for a few dollars without going to the expense of paying a yearly or monthly membership fee.

Final Conclusion   About Average

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Here’s to your Successful Endeavors both on and offline,


14 thoughts on “A Review Of Big Content Search”

  1. Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for this post, I had no idea that this was a thing! I’m not sure I would use it myself from your description, as I too like to write my posts in certain ways and make them personal. I think it would take me longer to put my personality in to one of the se posts than it would to write one from scratch.

  2. So this is very interesting… I’ve been creating a ton of my own content and wondering if I could save time by hiring someone else… This is a nice alternative. 

    I’m thinking this will help create more content… but at the same time it’s not really my voice… so I would wonder if my audience would connect with it?  

    I think we agree on that I saw at the end you said you like having your own unique style. 

    Thanks for sharing this it made me think about different options for my business… 

  3. Bigcontentsearch seems interesting for people who need to write a lot of articles. Or for content writers as you explain it. I also prefer writing the content myself, but I will eventually think about this kind of help if I have more websites to cover.
    Thank you for warning about the hidden price-trap in the system. 

    I agree with your evaluation.

  4. Thanks so much for this post… First time I’ve heard of big content search and I’m glad I saw this. I’ve used PLR from time to time and for the right project it can be a great thing.

    However you’re so right when you talk about the SEO implications and challenges that can come from PLR. I wonder how good the quality of their PLR is when they are based out of Slovania. Hopefully it’s well written by people who are very well  versed in English. Will check it out and see!

  5. Pretty decent score for Content Search. Not sure I’m thrilled about a $1 trial, especially if they automatically charge the card after 3 days, but I guess it’s a good deal for them. To a certain degree I like the idea of having access to all this content, but ultimately I’m like you and I prefer to write my own. One concern I would have would be duplicate content, which might negatively impact rankings. Thanks for another great review!

  6. Hi Joseph

    Thanks for the detailed post on big content search. I still would like to know if its a good investment for making unique articles for your websites, if you own an article spinner.

    • Thanks for your comments Matt. As far as creating unique content you can certainly come up with many new ideas for your specfic niche, but I am not sure it will provide exactly what you are looking for in terms of an article spinner. All the Best.


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